Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two more weeks til work

Just two weeks left of my maternity leave and it seems like it has flown by. I'm sad to be going back but glad I got to spend this time with Maegwin. Next year I hope to take a block of time off to spend with her too. We'll see how it plays out but it would be nice. She already seems so different and is changing every day. She smiles so much more now and babbles up a storm. I finally caught a picture of her smiling and though it is blurry I'm proud I got it at all.
blurry smile
I tried to upload some videos to Flickr today but it is being contrary so I'll try again later. There is one of her playing on her mat with Daddy and wearing her new socks from Grandma. I also really like this one which I imagine her to be saying "Are you tawkin' to me?" in her best Brooklyn accent:
You want some
She is generally quite a happy baby and we are enjoying her so much.
happy morning
The great bottle strike of 2010 finally ended this weekend when we bought her a new type of bottle. It's the First Years Breastflow bottle and she is now taking it for at least one to two feedings a day. We were starting to get so worried because she kept refusing all bottles and crying so hard until I nursed her. This one has the same kind of mechanism as breast feeding so I got her to take it by switching back and forth in one feeding. Now she goes straight to it and latches on. Whew! One problem down. She gets all her shots next week and I think that is the last thing to do before she starts daycare. I'd like to get another 12 or so Bum Genius so I don't have to do laundry as often but we have enough to get by now. They are still working out great and we love them.

On Monday I was heading out to dig out the cars since I had to take the Prius in for the recall and thus Josh had to take the Honda. It hadn't been touched since the beginning of all this snow so it was well buried. As I stepped down to the last of our porch steps I slipped and fell. Luckily I had my wrist brace on for the DeQuervain's tendonitis and managed to catch myself mostly on that hand. It bent the metal pieces in the brace I came down so hard but hey-I don't have a broken wrist thank goodness. My lower back and tailbone were pretty sore the rest of the day but by Tuesday I was more or less recovered. Josh had to finish the shoveling with his bad foot and all. :P I told him we're quite a pair, all sorts of messed up. hehe

I finally picked the hoodie back up that I was knitting from the Vintage Baby Knits book. Mine is being knit out of Knitpicks City Tweed-a very soft alpaca and merino wool blend-and has been lying dormant since around September. I just have a tiny bit of the back and then sleeves and hood left to do. Hopefully by this weekend I'll finish it. The one in the picture to the right of mine was knit in a bamboo yarn but I like the weight of what I'm using.
hoodie in progress
I love the yarn and I want to pick out some really cute buttons for it. I'm glad I went for the bigger size back then since she'll be about right for this within the next month or so. It will be a good transition sweater as we move into spring.

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