Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knitters Connection

Things have been quiet here on the blog because things have been not quiet in our lives. We've been so busy! Between the garden going into full swing, weeds constantly needing to be beaten back, sickness, and a visit from my friend Gwen there hasn't been time to sit down and chronicle it all. This is week two of wellness and I am so glad to be off antibiotics. I had to have three courses of them for separate issues (a sinus infection, an ear infection, then another sinus infection) and Josh had to have two. Maegwin had a fever of 102 at one point but fought it off like the tough cookie she is. I missed my sister, Missy's, graduation because I had to stay home with the sickie but that's ok.

We've been working on solids though they are more for play than true nutritional value. Maegwin has mastered eating about a tablespoon of food and has tried rice cereal, avocado, banana, butternut squash, and yesterday sucked on a brussels sprout. We're also working on drinking from a cup and have been using one of my smaller milk storage containers to fill with water. She has a lot of fun with it.
water its awesome

She had her six month checkup yesterday and her stats were:
length: 26 inches
weight: 15 lbs 15 oz
head circumference: 44 cm
The doctor said her head circumference shot up from last time so we have to monitor it and measure next month and call her so she can chart it. Right now she said it isn't a cause for alarm since it is in same percentile as the rest of her body. It would be more of a concern if we had another spurt. Of course I'm imagining the worst now but she said she is very active and alert and is right on target with milestones so it should be fine.

For the last two weeks my friend Gwen was visiting from the Bay Area. She came out to sell her yarn at Knitters' Connection-a local yarn show. I was quite disappointed that this year the show was only half the size of last year and many of the vendors I loved last year didn't come back. I was hoping to see Jennie the Potter there again and buy one of her pendants or mugs or yarn bowls as gifts. Oh well, I'm not sure I would go to the show next year. Gwen signed up to get on the waiting list for the Wool Gathering in September and I volunteered to work her booth with Mom if she gets in. Hopefully that will help her make a profit this year and it's a fun show. Maegwin got to help out on Saturday at the show after our baby yoga class. She kept knocking the cards off the table so we gave her a sample sock to play with.
ooh a tiny sock
She must have taken the Ice Cream Sundae name of the yarn literally.
well it is ice cream sundae
Then she posed with it-all her idea. I didn't help at all.
whoa burgundy cherry flavor
She decided that was pretty funny, probably because we were all laughing so hard.
haha your sample is mine
I'm pretty sure we were bringing more people to the booth but I don't know if we distracted from the yarn.
Mommy you're ruining my shot
My mom got in on the baby action. I think she was probably Gwen's best customer at the show.
hey it's grammy
Daddy came to pick her up after working for a while on Saturday and they gnawed on his badge together.
biting Daddy's badge
After we were done breaking down the show we all went to Buca di Beppo for dinner. I can't recommend the place enough if you are in the Columbus area. They serve family style and the food is delicious. We all shared one dessert and it was enough for Mom, Aunt Lynn, Gwen, Josh, and I to all have some. Maegwin had a great time playing with spoons though she did hit herself in the eye once.
celebrating at Buca di Beppo
Gwen gave me some yarn for helping out at the show. I got some of her Mousse yarn that I think I will start with to knit the French Quarter socks next month. I have to finish up this Hippo toy I'm making for Maegwin and I'm still going at it on Josie's blanket.
Burgundy cherry Mousse
I also learned how to crochet while Gwen was here and started a summer top with some cotton/tencel yarn in white. It's the one on the third row down all the way to the right.