Friday, February 12, 2010

The Power of the Nap

Never underestimate the power of a nap.
morning nap
So far this morning I've been able to:
1. Have a cup of HOT coffee & eat breakfast(a rare delicacy with an infant)
2. Start a load of diapers without having to hear crying upstairs
3. Work out
4. Iron a shirt for Josh for work
5. Soak some of his other shirts
6. Fold a load of laundry
7. Sweep the floor
8. Pump and store my daily milk allotment (I'm trying to get a store built up before we start with daycare)
9. Clear the dishes out of the dining room and actually get some in the dishwasher
10. Take the compost out
11. Refill the fish tanks
12. Blog
It's only just 8:00 am! I still have the whole day ahead of me. It's enough to make one laugh maniacally with the sheer power of it. Bwahaha!

I received a very thoughtful package from my friend Cara and had not had time to blog about it. I love getting mail, especially when it is unexpected and not a bill. :p She sent a lovely hat knitted out of Malabrigo. This is Maegwin's first but certainly not last article of clothing out of this most wonderful of merino wools. It is so soft. She loved wearing it though she often objects to the cotton store bought hats. I've never yet seen her reject a handknit item. That's Mommy's girl!
hat from Cara
Cara also sent us a lovely jar of Rosemary salt which Josh was quite excited about and some ginger caramels which I've eaten several of already. Yum! I'm looking forward to visiting with both her and my friend Gwen whilst we're out in California for Josie's wedding. I have a feeling it is going to be a packed couple of days. I'll also see Gwen in June because she is coming out to sell her yarn at TNNA and Knitter's Connection-both shows held here in Columbus. I offered to let her stay with us because it would be silly for her to get a hotel and cut into profits for the show when we live so nearby. Sadly I can't take extra days off to help her but there's always the weekend.

Josh was home the last two days with his foot, the other toe this time. I told him it sucked he was not feeling well but on the bright side it has been awesome having more family bonding time. I think Maegwin needed a few solid days with him to really get things straight. From what I've read, this is the age when babies put faces to voices and develop preferences for people. She seems to be taking to the Medela bottles with him and she smiled a lot and happily hung out with him. I'm so glad since I know it's been frustrating for both of us when all that calms her down is nursing. I want her to love her daddy just as much as me and to also be comforted by him. With him down though, it meant I had to do all the snow clearing. buried cars
I still haven't got the energy to dig out the Honda so I'm stuck at home until I do. I took the Prius out for a few errands while he took care of the baby. The picture above was after the first set of snow and the Prius had been driven. I have at least two feet of snow to clear out around the Honda. :p

I also got to bake yesterday. It all started innocently enough. I had made a chocolate stout cake for our board game night and it called for sour cream (I made mine with Young's Double Chocolate Stout instead of Guinness like any self respecting stout drinker would do, but I digress). I still had a cup left and I really hate throwing out food. I thought I'd make some kind of muffin that used sour cream. Then I realized I still had half a butternut squash from the butternut squash cake I made for the same party (in case people didn't like chocolate). I also had some crystallized ginger that I had used for garnish. Then I found walnuts from our roasted red pepper walnut dip. I started combining things and the batch grew and grew. By the end I'd made some kind of pumpkin-butternut squash-walnut-ginger muffin monster. It was delicious though! Probably not repeatable but we ended up with four dozen muffins so I'm freezing some to enjoy later.

The yarn came for Josie's blanket yesterday so I cast on 227 stitches and started the long slog. One row takes a really loooong time. I worked on it most of the day yesterday off and on and I have 10 rows to show for it. Hehe! Someone from one of my Ravelry groups actually asked me if I would finish it by the end of March. Uh, maybe with a million tiny knitting elves. I think by July or August should be doable though.

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