Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving-NOT grey Thursday

Let me first say that the whole concept of having stores open on Thanksgiving makes me sad, disheartened and just a wee bit sick to my stomach.  If it is truly a national holiday, then we should all have the day to be able to celebrate and spend time with our families.  We shouldn't be out expecting to find the next best bargain.

Anyway, not time for too long of a post since Maegwin is wanting me to play blocks with her but I promise I'm not gone for good.  Most of you know the reason for my many months of absence, but for those who don't it is all thanks to this little being:


We find out next week the gender of the little thing and then we can stop referring to it as "it" which to me is terribly dehumanizing.  All is good otherwise though this pregnancy has been much more physically challenging.  Knitting has started to happen again.  My first trimester I literally had no strength to knit and for those who know me, that should impart the gravity of it.  I did read some books, lots of books, and slept a lot.

Maegwin is excited to be a big sister!