Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh the weather outside

We are having our first good snowstorm this year and it is so cool! The weather channel is predicting a foot or more of snow and it has been falling steadily since about 8:30. Unfortunately, it started after my dedicated hubby left for work. He's leaving within the next few minutes so we're hoping that the roads aren't too bad yet. In the last three hours about two to three inches have fallen and it shows no signs of slowing down. I went out and took some video of it in our backyard.

I love the way snow covers everything and makes all the sounds so muffled. I'm looking forward to a warm weekend in with my little family, knitting and watching Netflix.

We've been watching Stargate Atlantis but we're on season 4 so there isn't much more to go. I'm also watching the new Dr. Who series on Netflix watch instantly. It's fun and brings back memories of me watching the original on PBS at night. I had a little TV in my room-the old kind that had a dial you turned to get UHF or VHF and had an antenna. I played Nintendo on it and watched lots of PBS shows since it only picked up like five channels. Anyway, long story short I was a huge Dr. Who fan even with the old corny version and the BBC did a good job updating it.

I finished up some socks yesterday that were a year in the making. I cast them on right before I found out I was pregnant and totally lost my knitting mojo. I've picked them up and worked a few rows from time to time but they were solid black so frankly they didn't catch my interest. They turned out great but I don't think I'll knit anything pure black again for a while. It is really hard on the eyes and really boring on the brain. That said though, I'm sure they will probably become my most loved pair since they match a lot of my clothes...or at least my old clothes. Still have to figure out that work wardrobe thing before I go back. Anyway, without further ado:
Belle Epoque
Pattern: Belle Epoque from Two-at-a-time socks (a gift from my friend Gwen)
Yarn: Knitpicks Risata in black
Needles: Size 2 circulars
This is my third pattern I've knit out of this book and there are still several more I want to do. They are well written and can easily be knit one sock at a time. Frankly, I have no interest in knitting both socks at once. I like figuring things out with the first one and then zipping through the second. Less to fix if you screw up! I've started a new pair of socks today and am done with the first toe. They've been on my list to knit for quite a bit-Bacchus Socks. I'm knitting mine out of some yarn from my stash, Pagewood Farms Chugiak in a colorway called Mocha. Chugiak in Mocha So far this year my stash reduction efforts are going well. I think next I will knit myself a sweater.

Maegwin continues to delight and amaze us. She is really enjoying playing and she loves being with her daddy. He is apparently far more stimulating than I am. Probably because he can hold her up more than I can and sling her into more different positions-like riding on shoulders:
Riding on Daddy
Or being tickled with facial hair:
can't you see I'm being eaten alive
She does seem to seek me out for comfort though. Whenever she is upset I seem to be her go to person for consolation. This is good most of the time but sometimes I want a break. Hopefully she won't be inconsolable at daycare or I will be very sad.

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