Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010 continues

One of the people on my Ravelry group was calling it Snowmageddon and while we aren't getting hit as hard as the east coast I have to agree. I was born in the year of a very bad blizzard here in Ohio. So bad that people still talk about it. My family was snowed in for days-luckily I was breastfed and cloth diapered! I guess it's only fair that my own child should be born when there is tons of snow. I actually really like it, especially since I'm still off on leave and don't have to drive in it. That leaves Josh able to take our newer, more reliable car (the one with better tires) so I don't have to worry about him as much. We're supposed to get eight more inches of snow today and tomorrow so I might have to go dig our driveway out again.

Maegwin is currently napping so I'm trying to catch up on stuffing her diapers with inserts and all the laundry that is clean but waiting to be folded. I like doing laundry and I like folding it but only when it is still warm. Weird, I know. It feels like a warm snuggly hug when it's fresh from the dryer. Otherwise, it just feels like work. Coffee and some apple chips are making it at least tolerable.

We went for Maegwin's eight week check up yesterday. Apparently it was a bit too early for insurance though so they had to hold off on giving her shots. That was ok by me since I'd been steeling myself for the experience. She is doing amazing and is living proof that vegetarians can have big healthy babies!
Propped on the Boppy
She weighed in this week at 11 pounds 7 ounces and measures 24 inches long. She is in the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts in height. Her doctor joked that she is going to be a model. She gets it from her dad not me since I'm a very petite 5'4". I knew she was heavier than my weights I lift though and I was right. The doctor was amazed at her head control and that she is already cooing, smiling, and imitating us. She also really loves our cloth diapers and asked where we got them. We've been using a diaper rash powder instead of a cream and she said that Maegwin looked great. Apparently she's seen lots of babies with at least some diaper rash so I'm glad that it's working out so well. We can't use rash cream without a liner because it will stain the cloth diapers and mess with their absorbency. This powder, called Anti-Monkey Butt Powder can be used without a liner and it smells nice too!

My sister-in-law, Josie, has set a date for her wedding. It's going to be September 25th. We had thought that she was getting married in 2011 so we had to refigure things for the family reunion that is happening at the end of July. Originally we were going to take off Thursday & Friday and drive out to Iowa on Wednesday so we could have a good long weekend. I only have eight total days of PTO left for this year when I go back to work because we couldn't get her daycare spot until March 1st and my short term disability runs out this week. I have to use ten days to fill in the gap. So now we are planning to take only Friday off and maybe leave work early on Thursday, driving straight from there. We'll pack the car the night before and drop the dogs off on the way to work. That should get us to Iowa either midnight Thursday or in the wee hours of Friday morning. We'll have to leave Sunday after breakfast with the family and drive back. For the wedding we want to go out for longer so we can also visit friends and see Josh's Nana & Grandpa since she can't travel and otherwise they won't be able to see Maegwin until after she is a year old. I think if I haven't had any major illness by then we'll try to be out there for five days. We are thrilled that Josie is getting married, it just took some figuring. :)

On the same note, I'm already busily planning their wedding gift. Those in the family know that I knit Amy & Justin a lovely afghan for their gift which took me over a year to complete. Yep, this one:
finished blanket
I loved the yarn and enjoyed knitting it but it decided me that I wouldn't knit another in pieces like that. I was literally seaming it in the car as we drove down to the rehearsal. :P I wanted to knit something for all three of the sisters (yes, I've got a while to plan for Laura hehe). I've been combing through patterns and think I've decided on Saffron Cables from Interweave Knits this one:
Sorry Josie, no surprise but at least you can tell me if you'll hate it! I'm thinking a soft taupe color on this one, an organic cotton in a colorway called Malted Milk. Beautiful and delicious.

I just spent about 30 minutes digging our driveway out as best I could. The snow is falling so quickly though that I will probably have to do it again before Josh gets home. I was just picking up huge chunks of ice and throwing them to the side. No way I'm going out in this to get my wrist brace. I'll just have him pick it up on his way home. The Honda is too buried for me to dig it out alone. At least I've got a sock to work on while I sit in.
Bacchus socks

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  1. Nina I am so happy to have read about the blanket Matt and I will be getting. Thank you so much. Malted Milk sounds wonderful! And the sample photo you posted to show the design is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! But I have to admit, I am much more excited to meet my neice! :) But hopefully that will be before the wedding at the family reunion. I'm just not sure if we can afford it with the wedding costs.