Friday, August 22, 2014

Three months

Yep, again not a ton of time to write anything.  I went back to work at the end of July and between that and now two children there just isn't time to sit down and put together blog posts.  Fear not though, because there are pictures!


Joshua is growing very nicely and he's such a laid back and fun little guy.  He hasn't laughed yet but he is full of smiles.


He and Maegwin look alike, which is to be expected.  I make consistent children.  LOL

nappy mcnappington

Maegwin just adores him.  We often have to tell her to leave him alone when he is napping because she wants so badly to cuddle him or play with him.  I think once he can sit up she will enjoy him so much.  She is very patient and good with him though and has never been jealous or angry about him.  She does sometimes want me to put him down and play with her when I really can't because he is nursing but otherwise I'm very proud of how she's just adapted right away to him being part of our family.


I do bite my thumb at you, sir.


I believe he is around 15 pounds or so right now but no checkup this month so that is purely from using the bathroom scale.  Speaking of bathroom scales, I'm down to needing to lose about 5 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'd like to lose another 5 on top of that to be back in top form but let's not get hasty.  I'll take just being the weight I was before being pregnant.  Being back at work helps with that because I walk so much going back and forth between our two buildings and going to meetings and going to the mothers' room to pump.  I also take the stairs whenever I can (obviously if I'm walking with someone who prefers the elevator I take that).

Josh has also started the couch to 5k program when I was out on leave still.  He is doing very well with it though we think he may have started running intervals a bit too soon.  He hurt one of his knees so he went back to a previous week's schedule for now.  It is basically a program to build up to running by using intervals of walking and running.  He made a path all around the perimeter of our yard and walks that.  Maegwin loves it and will walk on the trail with him or he can walk on it with Joshua during the day with an eye out for her playing in the yard.  It's been great!

We also had a bit of tragedy in the family.  My stepsister Shelly was killed in a car accident and it was a shock to all of us.  My niece, Chelsea, who is 14 will now be coming up to live in Ohio again.  We hope to see more of her because she is a sweet girl and I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mother so young.  It's just such a horrible shame.

I've done a bit of drop spindling and I'm getting better at it.  I need to do more of it.  I had figured out how to spin while I had Joshua in the Ergo but then he decided he didn't like being in the Ergo with me.  I think maybe he is a bit too long for the infant insert but not quite big enough to do the legs around my torso setting without the pad.


I will definitely get back to it though because I was having a lot of fun spinning up this fiber and I have some pretty stuff I want to be skilled enough to spin well.

I finished a shawl!  The pattern is Ishbel and Joshua was in love with this yarn.  Whenever he was nursing and I was knitting he would grab at it or just stare at it.  I bound off the last stitch and held it out to him and he snatched it and curled his head up on his daddy's chest with it.  So precious!


Like, you know this is mine, right?

cutie pie sports the shawl

And with the magic of lace, it blocked to fit me.


I also finished a cardigan/coat for Joshua but it won't fit him til at least the winter.

finished latte baby coat

That's about it.  I'm almost done with a pair of socks for me and I'm working on pullovers for Joshua and Maegwin.  Josh will get a pair of socks when I'm done with mine.  He wants to see what the handknit sock thing is all about and I think they will be great for camping this fall.  I also want to get a shawl done for me for camping.  A nice big one that I can wrap around the kids and I when we are cuddling by the fire and that is in rugged wool so I don't care about it getting smoky and camp-y.

First alarm is going off so I need to wrap this up and get ready for work.  I leave you all with some fun outside.