Friday, September 5, 2014

Random conversation with my four year old

So yesterday I was getting ready for work and Maegwin comes into the bathroom from waking up, looking bleary eyed and with tousled hair.  She looks at me steadily and says "Mommy, we need to do demolition."  I am used to such off the wall comments by this time, but I'm intrigued.  I said "What do you mean, Maegwin?"  She said "That means when you knock down a building so you can build a new one.  You should reuse some of the materials and some new materials to make the building strong."  Aha!  Now I know she has been watching Bob the Builder and man, does she pick things up!  I said "Well, what would we build?"  She doesn't miss a beat.  "A new house.  With double ovens!  And four sinks so we can all wash our hands!  And four bathrooms so we can have privacy while we wash our hands!"

That kid is hilarious!