Saturday, April 27, 2013

Butterfly kisses

Today is tilling day so I don't have too long to write.  I'm trying to sneak something in while breakfast is cooking and Maegwin is running around.  Last weekend we went to the conservatory and it was wonderful! I've been wanting to go to the butterfly exhibit since I heard about it three years ago but just never took the time.  My parents-at-work group did a playdate there so it was a great opportunity to force myself to do it.  This year they have Brazilian butterflies and going into the exhibit was like descending into the jungle.


It was humid in there with a brook running through it and waterfalls.  We immediately started spotting butterflies!  Here are a few of my favorite shots:




We all loved this camo butterfly.  It was so hard to see.

This one had the most amazing blue wings on the inside but the outside of them were so interesting as well.

We found a koi pond at the base of the exhibit.

Maegwin wanted to go in and swim with the fishes but we persuaded her that wasn't a good idea.

We tried to get all the kids together for a picture, but Maegwin and Carson did not appreciate it.

Next we checked out the orchids area.  They had a whole fairy tale village with a train running through it.

Josh spotted a cocoa pod but it was up too high to really check it out.  This is on 15x zoom.  That tree was tall!

They happened to be having their retired plants sale which is all the plants they take out of their exhibits as they change them out so I bought a miltonia orchid similar to this one.
No idea what color the flowers will be on mine but it is so healthy!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total sucker for orchids so I really enjoyed this biome in the conservatory.  So I don't bore you all with orchid pictures, I will just share a few of my favs.  I took a LOT of pictures.  LOL



Maegwin pointed out these red "spears".  She really wanted one but we managed to keep her from picking almost everything.  More on that in a minute.

Next was the desert biome which of course was Josh's favorite because it was dry.  Just as hot as the orchid exhibit but no humidity.  He doesn't do well with humility, I mean humidity.  The plants were very unique.

The roots on this tree were fascinating.


This succulent had gorgeous flowers.

There was an educational area that explained all about how butterflies see.  It had several pair of eyes to look through and also showed how they saw light.
Trying butterfly eyes

So eventually, Maegwin picked a lantana.  At least it wasn't a big orchid or anything.  She wanted to go back to the butterflies and get one to "land on her skin".  She took off her jacket in order to offer them better perch choices.
purloined lantanas

We spotted a close and relatively serene butterfly so we offered it the purloined posies.

It mulled the offer over.

Then voted for my hand as the most beneficent of the bunch.

We could even see his proboscis so we got a mini science lesson.


Josh was amused by all the butterflies by the windows longing for freedom.  (Keep in mind it was about 32 degrees outside so they would not have lasted long)

I got a bit of video too so you can hear the water rushing and see the flitting around.

Here's my favorite photo of the day.  Just so perfect and serene.  It was a fun day!  If anyone comes to visit us this is definitely on the agenda.

All the walking tired us out.  I even wanted a nap!

See you all next time!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The babe is growing

We had a bit of a rough night last night so while I intended to blog, it just didn't happen.  We lost track of time and realized Maegwin was still awake (and without a nap too) at nearly 10:30!  I don't know how she just goes and goes but by that point she was over tired and just trying to wrestle her into a diaper for bedtime was too much for us.  We managed tooth brushing and a lot of crying.  She is doing really well on potty training and most days doesn't need diapers and even sleeps overnight dry just fine but in the morning she is in no mood to use the potty.  Like her father, she needs time to ease into the day.  I can easily imagine her as a coffee drinking adult and one for whom flex time will be a must.  hehe


We've had a very good month and she has been getting so much more mature.  We went to her first official birthday party with a friend and she had a blast!  It was at a bounce house place full of bounce houses and slides.  She went down the slides still with me but climbed up to all of them herself.  The handholds are basically just glorified nubs and the slides are really high up so I was impressed.  I even felt a bit squeamish about the tallest one-mostly for fear that in going down it with her I would squish her into the bumper at the bottom.  I knit a little fairy and a flower purse for it for Maegwin's friend and it was a huge hit.  Maegwin was even good about giving it away but was very excited to show Gabby all of its "features".

She tucked her in:
all tucked in

We made her a hair a little punk rock!  I had to tie each of those pieces individually into the head.  It took a LOOOONG time but so worth it:
fairy hair

I think her face turned out especially cute.  Gabby named her Tinkerbell:
printer fairy

I always enjoy seeing my knitted creations well loved and her mom is a co-worker of mine so she understands the time that knitting takes.  Maegwin told Gabby without me prompting "Thanks for inviting me Gabby!  This is the best birthday ever!"  I was so proud.  :)

This Easter we continued the tradition of having Easter at a restaurant.  It just worked out with Mom still recovering from surgery and my sister working.  No mess and we get to meet halfway.  It was very nice to hang out with everyone and Maegwin even ate calamari like a champ.  She also ate a good dose of eggplant parmigiana.

We put on lipgloss together:

Glamour shot time!

Family hugs:


Semi serious faces-it's funny that her expression is like mine in this one.

Now the silly:

Not sure where Sarah is looking in this one but Maegwin looks like she is plotting something...

With the grandparents but sadly we caught her on the downside of a laugh.  She does this silly giggle where she covers her mouth partway.  So funny.

Now, from this Easter day came the Great Ducky Sucker incident.  Maegwin got a cute marshmallow-y ducky sucker from Mom and she loved it but not the way that one would think.  She proclaimed that they were going to be best friends.


She carefully tucked him into her carseat straps with her and spent most of the day mothering him (i.e. giving bottles, tucking in, etc.)  The next day I headed out for work and Josh was calling our financial planner to roll over his 401k from his last employer.  To set Maegwin up to be occupied during the call, she had been saying she wanted to eat the sucker.  Now, Josh anticipated the minefield this might become and asked if she was sure.  What follows is an excerpt of said conversation:

Maegwin: "Daddy, I want to open him."

Daddy: "Now Maegwin, you understand if we open his package that you might eat him and then you won't have a ducky."

Maegwin: "Yes...I want to eat him"

Daddy: "Are you sure?"

Maegwin: "Yes, Daddy. I'm sure."

Daddy-holding the scissors against the package: "I'm going to cut the package open now."

Maegwin: .... (says nothing-has stopped responding and is fixated on the ducky)

Josh cuts the package, hands her the sucker, and she runs off happily.  He dials the phone and starts talking to Brent.  All is well until they both get on hold with the 401k company at which point a soft crying issues from another room.

Daddy: "Is everything ok, Maegwin?"

Maegwin: "Daddy, I ate his soft yellow hair...."  sniffle sniffle

Daddy: "Well, I told you this would happen.  Why don't you put him away and I will see if I can fix him when I get off the phone."

Maegwin: "I want to eat his googley eyes"

Daddy-now sensing that this is a problem but unable to do any serious negotiating because he is on the phone: "I don't think that is a good idea."

Maegwin runs off again.  Time passes and then shrieks issue from the other room and uncontrollable sobbing.  Josh tells Brent to hold on.  Brent has two children of his own, one of which is Maegwin's age so he understands.

Maegwin: "We were gonna be best friends, Ducky, but now we can't be because you....don't....have....EYES."  followed by incoherent sobbing.

Daddy: "It's ok, Mommy will fix him when she gets home from work.  Let's put him somewhere safe." He spends some time at this negotiation but finally gets her to give him the sucker which he wraps in a paper towel and stuffs in the fridge.  I was laughing so hard when he told me this story.  I'm pretty sure that makes me a bad mommy but I could just picture it all in my head so clearly.  After much searching between Mom and I we located another ducky (and a spare) which I intend to shellac or modpodge so his wanton sugary goodness does not tempt his friend.


I can only imagine the mental conversation that Maegwin had with herself.  "I want to eat the ducky...but he is my friend.  I love playing with him....but he looks so delicious."

I'm going to need to write another post later as this one is getting long and there is gardening and housework to be done today.  Next up-garden updates and knitting finished object.