Monday, December 28, 2009

Lovin' the Bum Genius

We finally went through the two bags of newborn diapers we got from the baby shower. We had decided to wait until the meconium was done and Maegwin's umbilical cord had fallen off to start using our cloth diapers. She absolutely loves them! They fit her so much better than the disposables, she stays drier because we notice when she is wet, and diaper changes have become less of an ordeal. When we were using disposables and disposable wipes she would shriek the whole time we were changing her. Now we use the flannel or bamboo wipes and get a new diaper on her with a minimum of screaming. Plus she looks so darn cute in them!
Planck & Maegwin snuggle
We're using the Bum Genius one size and they are fitted right now for the smallest size. The website says it starts at eight pounds so I guess that is one advantage to having a big baby. We also got a diaper sprayer by mistake that hooks on to the toilet and that thing works like a charm. We just spray the diaper down after we change her and it gets everything off and into the toilet where it should be. I washed a load of diapers yesterday and they all came out very clean and smelled great. I so want to tell everyone to use them. They are not harder than disposable at all and so much nicer.

On the day after Christmas we took Maegwin in for another bilirubin check and this time her level was at 8.6. That was well within the normal range so we were allowed to stop using the biliblanket. We were so happy. We took her to the store and went all over with her in the Ergo carrier. We even used it at home so she could be close to us. I think she had really missed it. She hadn't been sleeping well with the umbilicus attached to her. I'm glad she got off of it in time to meet her grandpa although she wasn't too happy about it at first.
Maegwin & Grandpa
She chilled out later though and was cooing at him in no time.

I'm progressing well on my test knit. I love the yarn I'm using and the pattern was very easy to memorize. That's a good thing when I have to drop it at a moment's notice to attend to the demands of a newborn. (Really she is a good baby). I took a photo of it in one of my favorite Christmas presents this year-a hand thrown yarn bowl from Jennie the Potter that my mom got for me.
scarf in progress
Isn't the color of the yarn amazing? That picture is more or less true to shade though it is a wee bit darker/richer.

Not a whole lot else going on...We're preparing for our visit with Mom & Laura from California. I think we might hit the zoo-they have a great light display that stays up until New Year's and the animals tend to come out more now than in the heat of summer. There are also some specialty exhibits that should be pretty neat.

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  1. Yay for cloth diapering! I have the same experience with cloth vs. disposables. One of the best things is his attitude during changes. With disposables he shreiked, just like meagwin. Now with cloth he giggles and smiles so big. Possibly because I enjoy diaper changes so much more. Our diapers are like toys to me, lol!