Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still nothing

one week to go
No baby yet. She's active in there but not coming out. We're getting calls from the family all the time asking if we're in labor. I had one contraction this morning I think. It felt stronger than the Braxton Hicks I've had in the past but no more have happened since then. We're planning to go out shopping a bit later today for a White Elephant gift for the gift exchange at my work tomorrow so maybe the walking will help. Yes, I know the whole concept of the white elephant is to regift something but I don't have anything I want to do that with other than some baby clothes. Obviously that wouldn't work for most of my co-workers. That and Josh and I love Cost Plus. It is such a fun store and they always have new things to look at.

I finished up a very cute hat that we're going to use to take Christmas pictures with Maegwin. It's the Candy Cane hat from Itty-Bitty Hats. I think it turned out really cute and is just waiting for a cute baby noggin to place it on.
Candy cane baby hat
I might knit some matching baby mittens since I still have lots of the cream colored yarn leftover. I'm debating between that or legwarmers with stripes. I'm just not sure I have enough of the red to do them. They'd be super cute though and keep her legs warm while not getting in the way of diaper changes.

We're volunteering for the Salvation Army on Monday to pass out toys and food to families. Last year I made it in the paper while sorting canned food. If the baby isn't here I'll be there. I guess it can be her first volunteering experience. hehe


  1. We cant wait to meet her either!! Take care of yourself; hugs to you both. ;-)