Friday, December 25, 2009

Visited by the Christmas bat

This morning we woke up early (as usual) and began preparations for Christmas brunch. On the menu were cinnamon rolls, a frittata with mushrooms, peppers, and cheese, home fried potatos and stuff other people were bringing. I was running dishwater and looked over into the second sink where I saw something small, brown and fuzzy laying on the mat. My first thought was that it was a dead mouse. Having acreage can be a good thing but about this time of year the furry critters flock to warm areas to live out the winter. I understand the house looks rather warm and inviting. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was not a mouse but a bat...our second one in the house. Josh threw a measuring cup over it just in case it wasn't dead and as soon as he did it woke up and starting hissing and chirping. Good thing we had our previous encounter with a bat to know they look dead but often aren't. This time I remembered to take a picture for the blog.
the Christmas bat
We put him in Pyrex, Josh ran him outside, and then ran back upstairs. I watched the bat fly into our pine tree so hopefully he will stay there and eat insects like a good bat. I don't know how they are getting in. We assume it must either be through an opening in the old cellar stairs or coming in when the door is open at night. That would be mighty tricky though. It shall remain a mystery and I will think of him as our Christmas visitor bringing tidings of sugarplum vampires or something.

Christmas was nice and it was good to be hosting. We got to put our table to good use and everyone fit so nicely around it. Maegwin stayed asleep until I was done eating thank goodness. I hadn't had anything but a banana since waking up and I was pretty shaky by the time we got to sit down to eat at noon. I guess the whole perfectly balanced insulin thing didn't stick once the pregnancy was over. A shame, it was cool to be normal for a while. :) I'll take hypoglycemia over acne any day though. That's kind of sad, but true.

We managed to snap some photos of the family. We put Maegwin in a little snowman onesie with socks I knit for her and her little striped hat I knit her. She looked cute and waited to spit up on them until after all the pictures were taken. What a good baby! I only have two pictures of Maegwin and I since I tend to be the picture taker around here.
The family
We also snapped one of all the ladies
All the girls together
My dad and stepmom are supposed to come up tomorrow. They haven't met the baby yet so I'm excited to see what they think.

Maegwin is doing well with the phototherapy. Her doctor called back and said her bilirubin level has dropped to 12 from 17 so we are set to get blood drawn tomorrow and if her level is below 10 we can stop the blanket treatment. I want her to get off of that before her other grandma comes out to meet her. I miss having my baby be portable. Oh, and when I went to get her blood drawn yesterday at Children's Hospital Home care they took two minutes from start to finish. She barely even woke up. I am planning to ask for referrals anytime she needs labwork because that other woman at our doctor's office is not going to draw her blood ever again. :P They were so nice at the outpatient center and obviously specializing in children helps a lot.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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