Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tomorrow's the day

Well since our wee babe doesn't want to come out on her own, we're going to make her come out. We're going in to be induced tomorrow morning at 6am so hopefully if all goes well our little baby will be with us by the mid to late afternoon. Bags are packed, Mom is coming up to kennel the dogs, all should be well. The only thing not ready is my hospital knitting. I'll probably take the pair of socks I've been trying to finish up and the present I'm working on for Gwen. I made a pair for myself and I love the pattern so much that I want to make them for her and my mom. I'm using two different fibers so it should be fun to see how it changes things. Mine match my cowl and hat I made. It's nice to have a set!
fingerless gloves

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. We aren't bringing the laptop so we won't have a way to interface the camera. The hospital posts pictures up though so I'll link to that. If Josh comes home I'll have him upload to Flickr. Everyone cross your fingers! I hope this goes as easily/quickly as it can.

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