Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010 everyone! I'm very excited about the new year and new baby. This year will be seven years since my husband and I met, my 32nd birthday, our three year/two year anniversary (depends on which one you count), and we've been in our house for a year. So many great things happened so quickly.

Today we are all just chilling out at the house. The snow is falling gently outside and the temperature is about 22 degrees. Brr! We've been re-watching Star Wars with Laura and plan to see the new Harry Potter movie later on. Maegwin is being a super good baby as usual all snuggled up in her bunting. What makes a baby more perfect? Wrapping them in silk and cashmere I say!
in the bunting

Yesterday we went out to Mom's house and visited for a bit. Sadly our lack of foresight meant we all went without lunch. Maegwin actually handled the hour and a half car ride well until we hit the city limit of Urbana and then she started wailing. At least it was only a few minutes' drive to Mom's at that point and the poor thing hadn't eaten for three and a half hours since I was the last one to get a shower and get ready. We were also going to stop and see Dad but they had plans to go bowling at 4:30 and we didn't get out of the house as early as I wanted to so we had to nix that. Ah well, I'm sure we'll get out to his house soon.

I've finished about 12 inches on my scarf for Mom. It may not even be that belated of a Christmas gift after all. I'm getting an amazing amount of knitting done with a grandma who is motivated to hold her first grandbaby. :) I don't mind the break at all. If I can finish the scarf I might even get to my brother-in-law's socks. I have all of like two inches done on them so far.

This year I'm participating in a stashdown contest with a group on Ravelry called Yarn Snobs. I've been a member for a while now and really love the camraderie. The idea is that we track our yardage in and out-counting yarn in when we buy/receive it and yarn out when we finish a knitted object completely. There are prizes for most yardage out, best ratio, and zero yardage in. I'm not a huge yarn purchaser but I like the fun of tracking how much I actually knit. I think I'm getting a bit faster and it's nice to have concrete evidence of it. It is also helping motivate me to finish up some stalled projects. I have a pair of socks for me that I haven't worked on in months and I actually took them out the other day and started knitting on them again. We'll see how I do, so far so good though. I also weighed myself at Mom's last night and I'm within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight so I definitely want to start knitting some of the sweaters I had planned before I got pregnant. I was super happy to discover that though. My original goal was to be back in shape by the family reunion in August but I might be able to step that up a bit.

Hope you all have a restful and fun New Year's day!
sleeping in the swing

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