Thursday, December 24, 2009

Biliblanket and the insurance craziness

So after all the insurance hassle we added Maegwin to my policy for the rest of this year and will start fresh with Josh's policy next year. Hopefully that irons out all the kinks and is really better since I've paid most if not all of the deductible for this year and should be in the straight co-insurance portion of my plan.

The blanket was delivered around 2pm but unfortunately the smaller unit had no power cord. The guy had a larger unit in his truck and the cords were interchangeable but then the smaller one wouldn't stay on unless you held down the power button. It was pretty much par for the course yesterday. We ended up with the bigger one which made her much less portable. She seemed to be taking it all in stride though and spent a lot of the day in her swing quietly looking around.
hooked in

She pondered her zebra for a good ten minutes, lifting her head in an effort to get closer.
ooh a zebra

I have been calling her Maegatron when she would kick very hard in utero and when she gets really fired up after being born. I thought it was funny that it looked like she was charging her power cells with the blanket on.
powering up

Today we take her back to get more blood drawn (not by the woman who did it before). We're going to an outpatient center that specializes in children so it should be faster and at least not so traumatic. If her levels are going down, we may not have to keep doing the blanket. It makes things very inconvenient for soothing her and for breastfeeding. It basically covers her entire chest from armpit to diaper area and there's a really long, thick cord that Josh and I have been calling "The Umbilicus".

I'm also a bit concerned about Einstein. He has growled at her several times today while she's been crying and had a very weird body posture I don't care for. I need to look up some more info on that. I love him very dearly but if it came down to it, I would rehome him if he can't adjust to the baby. The other two have been great with her, giving her kisses and sniffing her nicely. I guess time will tell.

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