Friday, December 11, 2009

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So here we are-the official due date. No contractions yet. I'm on an oral steroid to get rid of the poison oak which decided to start popping up everywhere. I have patches on my knees, back, elbows, legs, etc. It was pretty awful for the last several days. I've been able to wake myself up rather than itching it but this means I get even less sleep now than I was before. According to my doctor the steroids should be relatively safe for the baby since all her organ forming is done but I still feel awful about having to take medicine while I'm pregnant. Mommy is sorry she helped Daddy clean out the brush, Maegwin. You will learn I am a person who can't sit still and wants to be doing things. :p Stupid city code and making us clean it all out when I'm pregnant.

We had our work Christmas party last night but I could only stay for about two hours. There weren't places to sit so by that point I could actually feel my ankles ballooning up and my shins hurt. Of course, tons of meat but light on anything veggie there so I had to mostly eat when I got home anyway. Good desserts though and it was nice to chat a bit with my co-workers.

That crazy storm that made its way across the country hit us on Wednesday and brought tons of wind and COLD! We are loving our geothermal more than ever now that we can keep the house a relatively balmy 65 degrees. If you haven't read earlier posts, go back to last'll know what I mean. I don't have to dress like I'm going on an arctic trek inside the house now. I'm sure the dogs appreciate having freedom of movement too. Last year they spent most of the time shoved in the end of a sleeping bag together like portable foot warmers. They still seek out blankets of course to lay under but when they are out playing or exploring they aren't shivering. Always a good thing. My next knitting project is to make a draft blocking bolster for our back door. It's pretty and matches the wood but it doesn't go all the way to the floor. We have weather stripping but last year we saw some ice on it so it can only do so much. Right now we've wrapped a towel around one of my yoga mats which works as a temporary solution but I want something more permanent and more wooly and insulating back there.

I'm also kinda stuffy and thinking about staying home today because hello! I'm posting at 4:30 in the morning and have been up since 2 am. Sigh. I'm knitting on a Candy Cane hat for the baby with scraps from recently completed handwarmers plus a ball of ivory merino/silk that I got at the Knitters' Connection show in my goody bag. It's from the Itty-Bitty Hats book which I love. I totally adore Susan Anderson's designs. I have all her books with the exception of her new one, Itty-Bitty Toys which is winging its way to me even as I type. She has such fun and creative ideas and her blog is one of my favorites to read. Even if you don't knit, she will inspire you to want to craft something with her energy and ideas.

Oh, a huge shout out to my friend Gwen who is returning to the corporate world after being laid off from the company I left to move to Ohio. I'm sure I would have been in one round or another of layoffs had I stayed. She's still working on getting her yarn venture in the black and I really love her stuff so hopefully she can do both. I've been coveting this skein of yarn for a while and trying to think up reasons why I should order it:

Seriously though, go check out her shop here and tell me she isn't talented.

Wow this post is seriously lacking in photos. Maybe I'll post more later when I'm more awake.

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