Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The knitting continues apace & visits from California

We had a great visit with Mom and Laura when they came out from California. I realized that I took absolutely no pictures with my camera! They took quite a few but put them up on Snapfish. Luckily I made an account years ago that I had to get the password reset for. Josh & Laura went out on one of the less cold days and made a snowman in the backyard. It was tiny but he is still out there standing vigil at our firepit.

They explored the backyard and went down to the creek.  I was inside the whole time with Maegwin but I really love this picture of brother and sister.  :)  I know Josh has missed hanging out with her.  As you can see, there is definitely ice in there.  We had a few three degree mornings so I wouldn't be surprised if it was completely frozen now.  I have not ventured out beyond the car area so I have no clue.

We went out to see my mom and stepdad on New Year's Eve and they took some photos of all of us.  I think Maegwin's new grandma might kind of like her.

Oh and I have to remember to stop turning sideways in photos until the baby belly is completely gone.  :P  Oh well how I look two weeks after delivery can be preserved for posterity.

Our dvd player finally crapped out after our guests left luckily.  I guess it couldn't take anymore.  We had it for several years and bought it for cheap so we got what we paid for.  Now I just have to figure out how to do my yoga dvd in the dining room with the table there.  sigh.

Maegwin had her first well baby visit this week and she is up to 9 lbs 9 oz and 22.5 inches long.  She's definitely growing although she has a bit of diaper rash.  I'm waiting for our liners I ordered to get here since we can't use diaper creams directly with the cloth diapers.  It ruins the absorbency.  I uploaded some cute video today of her.  She has been doing amazing with tummy time.  She picks her head up and is so strong she can scoot totally off her blanket when she has something to push against.  We think she will probably be an early crawler.  I've also discovered that cabbage and cheese don't sit well with her.  We've resolved to drastically reduce cheese in our diet.  We had kind of been straying more towards it because it was easy but we need to get back to eating more steamed vegetables and salads like we used to.  She doesn't need all that junk and neither do I.

The dogs are really settling in with her.  They often snuggle while she is napping.  Cordova likes to stand guard.
you're getting sleepy
Planck just likes to cuddle and sleep.
Planck snoozing with Maegwin
Einstein just likes to do his own thing. He has been having some problems with his legs lately so he just lays around in his clothes bin mostly. I think winters are hard on his joints.

I knit up a quick pair of baby mittens for the cold days we have to venture out. Since we are interviewing daycares this week I think she'll get a lot of wear out of these.
baby mittens
The yarn is Craftsmeow Banana Split II in a colorway called Cherry Freeze. I have made some socks from the same skein of yarn also. The background is my Taliesin test knit scarf that is now almost 20 inches long. I'm getting a ton of knitting out of one skein. I'm only about halfway through it.

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