Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rough Night

We had a pretty rough night here with the baby. Maegwin spit up quite a bit last night which she hasn't really done up until now. She also nursed like crazy from about midnight until 2:30 am. She was fairly inconsolable and finally fell asleep around 3. We had changed her at some point and didn't fully tighten her diaper so it all leaked out around one leg while she was in the bed with us. Thanks for that waterproof mattress pad Mom & Kevin! At least now I just have to wash sheets. As if that wasn't enough, just as I was finally falling asleep Planck emerged from the blankets, drank some water, and vomited all over my pillow. Josh and I contained the mess and luckily I already had a towel down for all the spit up/etc. He seemed ok afterwards so he snuggled up against my back and I got an alternate pillow. An hour later at 4 am I was awakened to him puking all over my back. At that point I decided to give up on sleeping anymore, got up and took my shower, and threw more towels down until Josh woke up. Maegwin has since been extremely clingy and anytime I try to lay her down after she falls asleep she starts bawling. I'm going to put her in the Ergo soon so I can maybe work on getting the kitchen cleaned up. Oh and while I was in the bathroom a bit later Planck got up on my computer chair and vomited all over it. Sigh, some mornings are just like that. I'm going to keep him on water only for the next day and see if he improves. If so we'll add in some rice for him. I'm dreading breakfast though when I feed the other two and he doesn't get anything.

We've had lots of snow here over the last week...apparently as soon as our visitors went home so they couldn't enjoy it. Probably for the best though as the temperatures have been in the single digits or teens until yesterday. It made for some very pretty icicles along our gutters.

We found a daycare for Maegwin so I'm going to have my first day back at work on March 1st. Just in time for close, but hopefully I won't have to work long hours. At least now I can do entries from home if I need to. In anticipation we've been working a lot with Maegwin on tummy time and going down for naps in her bassinet. She much prefers the swing but I think they always put babies down in their cribs for naps. Tummy time is very tiring.
tummy time is tiring

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  1. My heart goes out to you and poor Maegwin. Be sure to take some time for yourself!