Friday, January 22, 2010

Five weeks old

Baby Maegwin is five weeks old today. I can hardly believe I'm already halfway through my leave and I know it will be hard to take her to daycare. I do miss going to work and interacting with my co-workers but sorry guys, she out-cutes you. Barring winning the lottery or randomly coming into some money we can only afford for me to take ten weeks of my leave instead of the full twelve. I'm trying not to be disappointed about it. I know many people don't get any time off at all so I should count myself lucky. Even with insurance though those hospital bills are nutty. Doable, but nutty. I honestly don't know how people afford to have kids who don't have insurance. :p

This week Maegwin seems to really be getting into playing and lifting her head. She also loves music. I've put on Bob Marley and Nina Simone, both of which she enjoys and looks around for the source of or falls asleep to. Last night when Josh was singing to her we got our first very spontaneous smile. It was so cute!! Unfortunately capturing the newborn smile on film is like hunting a wild animal. I will succeed eventually but that first one was a total surprise so I wasn't armed with my camera. Here are the latest play mat photos though:

Contemplating the zebra tail
hmm zebra tail

Lifting that cute little noggin
head lift

Reaching for the monkey
reaching for monkey

All the photos feature a cardigan I just finished knitting for her. It has been my go to layer when I just want her in a onesie around the house. She gets a little cold but not enough to wear a full on sleeper. She is sort of a hot baby which she definitely gets from her daddy not me. I am perpetually cold. I used Blue Sky organic cotton yarn in a color aptly named Circus Peanut. I made the three month old size, intending for it to fit her when she started daycare. It fits her now instead. hehe I'm really glad I seamed it up early and tried it on her or it might not have got any wear at all. Luckily the hoodie I had started for her is in the 3-6 month size so it should fit her for a little longer and give me time to finish knitting it.

The scarf I'm making for Mom is almost done. A bit after Christmas but hey, it's the thought that counts. I was a wee bit busy at the time. I'm probably going to give it to her without buttons or have her help me pick them out. I want them to be something she likes. I was thinking either wood or shell buttons but can't decide and it would make it a more dressy or casual scarf depending on the choice. It is so soft and warm though. I wrapped it around my neck last night to decide if it was long enough at 56". The pattern calls for knitting to 60" but I think this is the perfect length once I put on button holes and add another inch after that. It will leave enough yarn for her to make handwarmers if she wants to match it.

We got some of our seeds for the garden this year. The rest of them and the seed potatoes, leeks, and onions are on backorder. They typically send them closer to planting time so probably not until April. We can't wait to get back out there. This year if we can we want to put in raised beds which should take only a minimal investment of some lumber and top soil. All our neighbors swear they will keep the critters out which was our main issue last year. I hope so because we are really planning a lot. Once I get some time I will draw out a diagram and put it up for everyone to see. Right now the winter rye is out there growing away despite the cold.

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