Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home sick

chillin in the chair
This week is my second week back at work and to celebrate I got sick. :P Thank you to my boss's boss for bringing in a lovely head cold so I could catch it. Luckily we had a few extra days built in so I could be sick and still go to the family reunion and Josie's wedding. Anyway, I'm home today and wanted to blog to catch everyone up.

Working and having a baby is hectic! Basically we get home at about 6:30 and have two hours before we have to go to bed. In that time we have to rinse out diapers from daycare, pack the daycare bag for the next day, wash & make bottles, wash out my pumping stuff for the next day, pack my lunch, prep the coffee, deal with the dogs, eat dinner, try to bond a bit with Maegwin...oh yeah and try to relax. :p We've been pretty stressed and tempers are running high but luckily we both have a good sense of humor and can recognize when it is the situation and not each other that is unnerving us. It makes me sad that we get Maegwin in her cranky tired stage though. She is so smiley and happy during the day but she cries almost every day the entire ride home and is so done by the time we get here that she nurses and goes to sleep.
after daycare

Nursing her at lunch has worked out well so far. Everyone at work is being very supportive of me being back and adjusting to working pumping into my schedule as well as going to nurse Maegwin. Honestly that hour in the middle of the day is helping me keep my sanity. I ordered more diapers today so I won't have to do laundry during the week and we've switched to doing all our ironing on Sunday so it's not part of our morning routine. Josh has gone back to doing all the dog outs and feeding in the morning so I can focus on getting Maegwin and I ready.
hello world
The daycare is really impressed with her cloth diapers and wipes. Everyone says they can't believe how easy they are. We get a daily report of all her activities. She had a bit of trouble at first with bottles and was only taking an ounce or flat out refusing them. The last few days she has consistently taken them and drunk the whole ounce. Yesterday she even drank two ounces! I plan to send her tomorrow with two ounce bottles to see how she does.

So far today we've been pretty relaxed. A couple of nursing sessions and lots of napping. That's good because I don't have the energy for much else. The house is a mess and I don't even care. :p Einstein was checking out Maegwin in her swing today. She is getting so much better at reaching for things.

I have a doctor's appointment in a bit to get my thumb looked at. It still isn't getting any better and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't just be taking ibuprofen all the time. I'm going to see if they will let me weigh Maegwin on the baby scale to see how much she has grown. She doesn't have a checkup until April and I'm curious. She is now in some 3 month and some 6 month clothes. She finally outgrew her frog and duckie sleepers. Mom bought us a couple of fleecy non-footed ones that she has been wearing to sleep in. They are six month size and she's at the bottom of the weights listed on the label but that's good. She can wear them through to the warmer weather. The thing I love is they have pockets. What a baby would need pockets for, I'm unsure of but I think it is funny to imagine what they might put in there if they could.
sleeping it off

For now we are enjoying our wee Maegwin so much. She is an absolute joy. I think she even laughed last night and is trying to turn over.
smiley morning

For all interested in pictures, I exported all my Flickr photos to my Snapfish so if you want to order prints just let me know and I'll send you a link to them. I know both the grandmas wanted some so I obliged. :) I'm putting in an order for my dad since he doesn't have internet access.

Gah! I totally forgot to mention that I'm going to be donating breastmilk. With Maegwin taking smaller bottles, I'm left with a lot of extra. I pump at least 9 ounces a day and she is currently only drinking two-hopefully ramping up to four this week and next. That leaves me with all the freezer stash from when I was off plus additional each day. I contacted the milk bank of Columbus and they are definitely in need of milk. I have to get a blood test, a release from the doctor, and fill out a questionnaire. The minimum donation is 200 ounces but I have six months to provide it. I already have 100 ounces in the freezer. I'm so excited I'll be able to help out babies who need it. For more info (I know some other new moms read my blog), you can go to to find a milk bank in your area. They distribute all over the US and Canada.


  1. Meagwin is just so adorable. I just enjoyed that cute little clip of her, she really loves the dogs, lol! That's so wonderful of you to donate breastmilk.

  2. I'm jealous of your oversupply! My little guy drinks more than I'm pumping at work, so I'm trying to pump extra in the evenings and on weekends but am still slowly falling behind...