Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preparing to garden

Whew, long time no blog. We've been very busy here. A few weeks ago I met up with one of my friends from my December mommies group on Ravelry. Turns out she lives here in Columbus! Her baby, Emma was very cute and we had a great time sharing our experiences. The babies chatted for a few minutes and then zonked out for the rest of the visit. We definitely need to do it again when they are a little older and can interact more.

Last weekend we finally bought the lumber for our raised beds and had it delivered. We're adding two more plots this year and putting up critter fencing around it all to keep animals out. I read in one of our magazines about putting chicken wire along the bottom and swooping it out onto the ground to discourage digging animals. We're definitely doing that. Hopefully the groundhogs won't be back this year. We haven't seen them all winter so I'm keeping fingers crossed. Mom and my niece, Sarah, came up to visit while my sister moved. It was nice to see them. Our neighbor had her grandkids over so they came by and all played. The kids decided to make crowns for the dogs and spent lots of time carefully gathering supplies from the yard to make them with. Planck was the most patient of them all. As long as he is getting attention he pretty much lets you do anything.
King Planck
The little face in the upper right corner is my niece. Here Planck turned his head to show off his hydrangea, twig, and pine needle topper.
Please no pictures
They ran the dogs all over the yard and they were TIRED by the end of it. They all slept so much after the kids went home.

Remember when our wee Maegwin had to have a blanket in her swing so she wouldn't fall into the leg openings? Well, no longer.
look how big
She also chats quite a lot with us. I got a video of her, of course just as I had poured myself a bowl of cereal and Josh was on the phone with his family. hehe

Too cute! She laughed today while she was in the tub with Daddy and it was too precious. I ran in but she stopped just as I came in the room. We found her a bouncy seat recently. She loves the one at her daycare so much. I want to knit her some toys to swap out for the ones on the toy arch though to keep it interesting. The one at the daycare has an octopus with dangly legs that she likes to gnaw on. I'm going to try to design one like that. It should be pretty straightforward, I might even publish it for free on Ravelry if it doesn't suck.
new toy

My thumb is still not any better and in fact the pain is progressing into my wrist now. My doctor is referring me to a hand specialist to get cortisone. Fun, fun. I've had it in my other hand for a cyst so I'm not looking forward to it especially but it will be nice to use my hand and not have excruciating pain again.

Today Josh was home with Maegwin just having a Daddy and daughter day. She did great with her bottles and drank a five ounce one at lunchtime! I'm so happy to see that. When I got home we all went outside and hung out while Josh laid out the lumber for the raised beds. Hopefully we'll have some pictures to share soon. Maegwin loved being in the warm outside and feeling the sun. She was in her bouncy for quite a while after she ate. We're very happy with our little family!
smile in motion

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