Saturday, March 20, 2010

Death of a coffee maker

Today we mourn the death of our coffee maker. Each day for five years it faithfully produced cups of coffee for us-grinding our beans and filling our kitchen with its delicious aromas. We bought this one when Josh and I moved in together back at the beginning of 2005. It has recently begun not realizing its top isn't closed and beeping incessantly for 10 minutes or so. Today it only brewed half the water in it and shut itself off. Time for a new one. ;(

We had recently gone to get a shoe solution for our closet since now we both are employed (meaning we both need dress clothes) we rearranged. We now share all the closet space and my pants get to hang down instead of being on a bar intended for shirts and muddling around with my shoes strewn all over the closet floor. The reason I mention this is because I used the 20% off coupon we got in the mail for that item. Imagine my dismay when we now needed to make a large purchase. Well as I was grudgingly cutting out the $5 coupon from the Bed Bath & Beyond flyer I noticed that if I signed up for e-mail notifications I could get a one time 20% off coupon. Bingo! We went out and got this one instead which doesn't have the flip close lid for accessing the grinder. We think it will not wear out like the other one did. The salesman said we should bring our old one in and they might replace it. We still might do that but honestly after 5 years, I'm not holding out much hope. If so, we can have it as a backup.

We were all over town today. Spring has sprung and we're ready to tackle getting the raised beds built and ready for all our produce. I got the notice from Heirloom Acres that our seed potatoes and onion sets are on their way. We can't wait! We already have a lot of our seeds and have been saving up our egg cartons all winter to start them in. We didn't want to buy the pricey sets this year and these will still decompose quite well.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Salvation Army summer camp at Greenwood Lake. This is my second time going out there. The first time I was six months pregnant with Maegwin. I pulled off tons of old wallpaper in the main lodge and helped a bit with painting the cafeteria walls. I couldn't do that for long though because of the fumes. This time we were working on the ceiling tiles in the cafeteria. The original plan was that they would give us poles and rollers to just roll the paint on. Well, that didn't work so we started taking them each down, painting them, and putting them back up. I'm amazed we got it all done but I was so tired! After I picked up Maegwin from daycare and headed home I was literally fighting to stay awake. We got home and both sacked out in bed until Josh got home. It was fun though. I really like the mission of the camp and the people that work there are so great. It's nice that our work has an emphasis on volunteering and lets us take a day to do it. Hopefully I'll get some pictures to post up here when I go to work on Monday.

Oh, and Aunt Jean, Aunt Wendy and Cousin Michael-thanks for the awesome stuff! That not a meat eater onesie had us cracking up. She should fit into it just in time for the family reunion. hehehe

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