Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lots of knitting

Not much going on in the news department but I have been getting quite a bit of knitting done. I just finished a great pair of socks in yarn dyed by my friend Gwen. She sent me this yarn when I found out I was pregnant and I instantly knew it needed to be knit into something pumpkin-y.
Pattern: Little Pumpkins Sock
Yarn: Ice Cream Sundae by Craftsmeow in the Desert Sunset colorway
Needles: Size 2
Mods: shorter toes-bound off when I had 12 stitches on each needle
They are so cute! I couldn't have asked for the yarn and pattern to match up better. I even have enough left to knit a hat and socks for Maegwin.

I also started one of the patterns from the book Vintage Baby Knits that my mom gave to me. The pattern is the Pearl Shrug and I'm knitting it in the Dream in Color Smooshy I got from my swap partner this summer. She knit me some really adorable angora baby booties that will match it and I had to use the sock yarn for a sweater. The construction is really interesting too. You knit an hourglass for the back then pick up stitches around it to form the sleeves and then a border all around for the collar and fronts. Here it is so far:

I got to work on if for three and a half hours while our car was in the shop yesterday. I was coming back from my monthly OB appointment (all is great with little Maegwin by the way, she's growing just as she should be) and noticed the AC was blowing hot. I thought I was just pushing the car too hard since it was 90 outside so I turned it off and gave it a few. No dice. The temperature gauge kept climbing. I got almost back to work then decided I should turn around and head to the dealership. I cranked the heat and got it there. The car was leaking coolant. It turns out that the radiator had blown a hole in it and it was good I noticed when I did so no damage was done to the engine. I had to sit and wait for them to fix it and send the shuttle to get Josh from work. Luckily I had this little sweater with me. I had just cast on that morning.

One final pic to share. Gwen recently had a bit of a dyeing "happy accident" if you will. She was dyeing some skeins and they came out lighter. When I saw them on the forums we frequent and she asked for a name I said Bubblegum Baby without hesitation. So that's the name! They reminded me of this blanket I had as a baby. I think one of my grandmas knit it for me, but I'm not sure. Mom brought it over along with a few of my quilts from when I was a baby. I think it will be a great match for Maegwin to have a sweater from the yarn. Maybe she will be camo baby and I won't be able to see her. hehe

I might have trouble getting the blanket back from Planck though. This is kind of his perch now.

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