Saturday, August 1, 2009

All things baby

We had our 21 week ultrasound on Tuesday and found out we are having a girl! We are both so excited. She has her dad's beautiful round head that even the ultrasound tech commented on how well shaped it was. Here she is in all her glory.

I can't wait to see her in person. So now that the mystery is out of the way and we can start calling her Maegwin as her name will soon be, I've started going nuts with the baby knitting planning. I had a few things in the works but now have matched up some yarn with cardigans which I think will be great options for the wee December baby to be. I've also been hard at work on my blanket swap squares. I've mailed a lot out and am hard at work on the remaining six I need to knit in the next two weeks. I'm cranking out about one a day so I think I'm still on track. Just a few examples here:

I also recently participated in my second ever yarn swap. We were supposed to create color themed packages for our swap partners. I made mine red and included OPI nail polish, some nail files, some really cute ladybug stitch markers from the Wee Ones Etsy shop (go there, trust me), and two skeins of Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennett in the Red Delicious colorway. I was pretty pleased with myself to get that all within our $30-40 budget. My swap partner sent me a green themed package and knit me some adorable and ridiculously soft angora booties. So cute!! I plan to use the Dream In Color Smooshy yarn she sent me that coordinates to make a baby sweater that will match. She even included greenies for the dogs which they loved.

We harvested the rest of our potatoes last week and I think this year we ended up with about six pounds or so. It might be more-we didn't weigh them. We froze them in hash brown and cut up form so we have mashed potato fixings and hash browns ready to go at a moment's notice. Our corn all has ears and providing the deer don't mess with it we should have corn in the next few weeks. The cucumbers keep producing, one tomato has finally been allowed to mature enough to get blooms, and our peppers all have blooms on them. Considering that the garden was a groundhog all-you-can-eat buffet, I'm pretty happy we've managed to salvage anything. We know next year will be way better...which brings me to the best news this week.

JOSH HAS A JOB!!!! (Ok, ok as long as he doesn't fail his physical which he has already taken) Finally after four years of struggle he got a chemist position using his degree at a good lab in the area. We are both so happy about it. We almost can't decide which projects to tackle first but probably the back roof, finally replacing the last of the knob & tube wiring upstairs, and building the garden fence will be the ones for this year's agenda. We also will be buying a car and are pretty sure about a Prius but we might also consider a Honda Insight. It depends on how the payments fit into our budget and which will work better with baby gear.

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