Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall gardening

So Friday night I came home and had terrible heartburn. I thought nothing of it, took a Zantac, and went to bed early. About 3 am I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. NOOOOOO!!!! My first pregnancy sickness-I was kind of hoping to avoid it, compromised immune system be damned. It seems like it is just a run of the mill cold. I spent most of Saturday alternately sleeping and working on my mystery sock designed by Nancy Bush for the SKA group I'm part of. I really like it. Plus, I got to learn how to do a vikkel braid at 5 am Saturday morning rather than feeling sorry for myself at not being able to sleep. It is progressing quite nicely.

The yarn I'm using for it is called Crystal Palace Panda Soy and is a mix of bamboo, soy, and elastic. It is sooo soft and will make great summer socks I think.

The sad thing is Josh and I bought tons of mums and coneflowers to put in this weekend for fall color and to get them established before winter. It's pretty amazing all the colors that coneflowers come in now. Here are a few of my favs that we picked up:

This one reminds me of a sunset or a ripened peach skin. I believe it is called Big Sky Sundown. The one in the background is a sort of candy pink color that I also love.

This one is called Fatal Attraction. It's a very bright magenta color. In the background you can see some of our mums but we mostly got ones without blooms so we could enjoy them at their proper time. This one was the only exception since we both loved the color of the blooms and none were unblossomed right now.

I hope I'll feel well enough today to at least help with the planting. We also got tulip bulbs and giant onions to put in. They get large round puffball like blooms that are purple.

I also finished a few pair of baby socks last week. One pair was for my co-worker's new baby, Emma. He asked if he could trade them in for a size up as she grows out of them. I thought, you know, that's not a half bad idea as Maegwin could then wear them. Re-use, right? Hers were in a sprinkle yarn dyed by my friend Gwen.
Maegwin's are in Jojoland Melody. I bought two skeins to make socks for me and started knitting them only to find that the first 60 yards of one ball was a completely different colorway. I had to rip those but luckily it worked out great for a pair of baby socks.

In other news, Josh and I have been watching a series from the Sundance Channel called EcoTrip all about the impact everyday items have on the environment, people, etc. Each episode is only 25 minutes long and I love that it is very fact based without making people feel like they need to give things up. In every single one they offer a responsible alternative. Some of the things covered are cotton, light bulbs, paper napkins, cell phones, and chocolate. A lot of it I knew, but some I didn't. It did make me feel really good about all the choices we make though, like I'm not just a crazy tree hugger. I'd love if they did one on disposable diapers. Someone at work made a comment that the environment can take it and I said that's not true but left it at that. We plan to use the Bum Genius all-in-one cloth diapers for Maegwin and already have some. They are so cool! My mom even thought they were pretty neat and Josh spent some time playing around with them and took one in to work to show his co-workers who were asking about them. If I can do my part to not add to the 18 billion diapers thrown in landfills every year then I don't mind a little more work. Ok, ok off my soapbox and off to plant flowers.

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