Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One year

A year ago today an intrepid couple moved across country and crossed the finish line into their new home state. They decided that in California they could never have the kind of life they wanted. It was a risky move-they left with no jobs, the money in their savings account, and hope that the cost of living elsewhere would be cheap enough to allow them to buy a house and start a family.

Along the way they saw many things:

The rocky slopes of Nevada

The flat desert of Utah

The stormy skies of Wyoming

The rainbows of Nebraska
The plains of Iowa after the flood
The farms of Illinois
The RV billboards of Indiana
And finally the finish line
Here we are one year later and we have managed to buy a house, be on the way to having a child and both be employed. At the time it was a scary gamble but it worked out and I'm glad we did it. I miss California, but we could never have had the life we have now if we were there.

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