Thursday, July 21, 2011

A quick note

Our little Maegwin had a brief stint with the potty.  We know it is early for potty training, and really just got one for her to get used to it because she was talking about her diapers a lot.  The first night she sat down and bam-she used it.  The whole next week she told us when she had to go and we duly assisted with her getting her pants down and diaper off.  Oh the excitement was palpable.  But then Josh had to go on a trip for a week.  I don't know if it was the break in her routine or not but she is now totally uninterested in the potty.  Bummer, but honestly the fact that she used it at all shows me she has the concept and I'm sure she'll gain interest again.  She's now in a room at her daycare where there is a potty available so when we do start training in earnest it can be consistent.

She had her 18 month checkup and was 23 pounds and 33.5 inches tall.  Her head circumference was essentially the same as last time which the doctor said was good.  So she's still in the 99th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight.  I heard someone say that by their second birthday children are 1/3 their adult height.  If this is true, Maegwin is on track to be at least six feet tall.  So hilarious since I'm pretty short.

The garden is doing well and we've harvested some cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and carrots.  There are growing butternut squash on the vines now and tons of blooms on our melon vines.  The groundhog has only continued his devastation on the broccoli and we think it is a small price to pay for our produce.  The corn is finally growing but next year we are definitely not doing corn and beans together.  I'm sure the Native Americans did it differently but I think we should have let the corn get a headstart.

I'm still continuing my knitting (of course) and have completed a few baby hats:
watermelon hat

another baby hat
as well as two socks, though from different pairs.  I took a class on the last day of Maegwin's and my week sans Daddy and learned how to do fair isle knitting.  I'm pretty jazzed about it because it isn't as hard as I dreaded it being though actually making my left hand work during knitting is a weird feeling.  I also finished Maegwin's monster but he doesn't hold a candle to Moo or her Elmo least for now.
completed ChiWoCH5
He got plenty of amoxicillin though so he's very healthy thanks to Maegwin's tender ministrations.
giving the monster medicine
It's late here and I have an 8 am meeting tomorrow but that's the news around here for now.

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  1. Wow! Good for Maegwin! What a talented girl. With a talented mother who makes super cute hats.