Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A sad farewell

Sorry I haven't written for a bit all.  There have been many developments in wee Maegwin's life and some knitting but we've also had a huge loss.  Arguably this blog's most devoted fan, our beloved Nana, passed away and I just haven't felt like writing anything.  Many times I had no wish to blog but knowing how much joy it brought to her I would force myself to take the time to write and format a post or upload pictures or videos.  We hated being so far away from her, especially in these last few years when she was so ill.  We're happy she at least got to meet Maegwin in person last year and that we could keep her up to date with all the goings on through the blog and frequent phone calls.  We all loved her dearly and she will be sorely missed.

I'll try to blog some this weekend.  There is news and it involves a potty and one very determined little girl who is quite advanced.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, it sounds like Nana was a wonderful lady. I've had some of the same struggles posting on my blog since my Mom died in January -- she was the main reader of mine too. Biggest hugs and thoughts to your entire family.