Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our little Maegwin has a few new tricks up her sleeve.  First, she's learned to say her ABC's though she gets a bit muddled after S.

She can also count to ten but we've yet to catch this on video. She learned it from Daddy while I was working late during close week. So amazing! We don't know if she is advanced or not but she is the only one who talks in her daycare room. The teachers say she is what keeps them sane because at least they can chat with her during the day. hehe
We've started getting tomatoes out of the garden, roughly 10-12 every couple of days. They are so delicious! Mostly we get cherry tomatoes and romas but we've had a few beefsteak and orange smudge ones as well. It's a delicate balance of leaving them out long enough to ripen but not long enough to start to rot in the heat.
first tomato harvest
We also have about ten butternut squashes on the vine and four delicata squash as well as four or five melons. They are hard to find in among the vines but the vine is still covered in blossoms so we expect a good crop. It's so nice to actually get things from the garden this year and it was just the confidence booster we needed to keep going. At least we've managed to get the animal problem enough under control that we can harvest things. Next year should be even better!

We are also enjoying the development of Maegwin's sense of humor. She can find the silliest things to do with everyday objects. For example we were cooking a few days ago and had her in the high chair nearby so she could watch the action. She wanted the bag from the onions and kept calling it a hat. Silliness ensued.
funny hat
She was being very sanitary while cooking.
I'm being sanitary while cooking
Then she started posing.
strike an onion pose
What a crazy girl!
stick em up
We bought some markers to draw on the windows..but Maegwin had other ideas.
what markers
It's ok, they're washable and she had a great time.
I'm just going to read my books now
I think we've started a trend though because her daycare reported that they were using paint and she kept asking to paint her belly yellow.

I finished my fair isle gloves I talked about in my last post and they are awesome. I love them!
close up
first fair isle mitts
I don't know what I was so scared of-they weren't that hard at all. The most difficult thing is letting the floats be loose. I used some grey and pink alpaca gifted to me by my friend Gwen that matches a scarf she knit for me. Yes, Gwen, I finally did something with it! I've already cast on for a pair of socks in fair isle for Mom's Christmas present and they are even easier. That left hand is getting the message that it doesn't get to slack off anymore and has to work for its knitting living.

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