Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter recap

Up until now I haven't had time to share all the great pictures we got of Maegwin's first egg hunt.  Last year she was far too small to really get it but this year was just right.  There was an Easter egg hunt hosted at her daycare which we thought was great so we all packed into the car and drove over to Dublin to enjoy the festivities.  They had juice, coffee, and donuts and various crafts for the kids.  We were disappointed that only one other family from Maegwin's room made it to the event.  We hoped to get to know the other parents better.  The Lil Dreamers room had their own area for egg hunting though so it was nice for Maegwin to get the hang of it without having to fend off the other children.  It was very rainy all morning so the area was quite muddy and wet but she didn't care at all.

Maegwin immediately found two eggs.

She happily banged them together for a while.  I think she would have done this rather than look for more.
so excited

Eventually we persuaded her to put them in the bag. Mommy forgot any kind of basket so we improvised and used my knitting bag. Thanks Go Knit pouch!
here you go daddy

She was so careful putting them in. It was super cute.

Her friend PB also helped find some eggs. We bought him on the way because we got to Dublin early and had to kill time. He can go in the bath too.
PB & Maegwin find an egg

We caught some of the action after we got her to put the first two away.

Once she figured it all out, the egg hunting was fast and furious. She would find some and start calling for the bag and for Daddy.


You can see how wet and dirty her pants were by the end. Miraculously her sweater was spotless.

She enjoyed showing her eggs to the other baby she encountered.

It was a fun time and we all enjoyed it.

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