Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catching up on the knitting

I have woefully neglected sharing all the great things I have finished knitting lately.  Along with that traveling came  a whack of knitting to keep me sane in airports and on planes.  It was funny the amount of knitting I thought I could accomplish vs how much I actually did.  I often found myself tossing in the yarn for "just one more project"-terrified that if I got delayed or stranded I would run out of knitting.  On my trip to Dallas alone I packed yarn for three pairs of socks, a pair of handwarmers, and a sweater.  Really, in two days?  I amuse myself sometimes.

First up-some lovely mystery socks from the Sock Knitters Anonymous group.  This was the March mystery pattern and I really love how they turned out.  I used some Dream In Color Smooshy that I got in a swap in the Spring Tickle colorway.  They were just the ticket to chase away the last vestiges of winter and remind me that green growing things were just a few short weeks away.

Next up-a fun cardigan for Maegwin.  Mom went through her stash and gave me a bunch of yarn she had bought to knit things for Maegwin.  Despite her best efforts she can't keep up with our little growing weed alone so our knitting powers combined should keep her covered in handknits for a while.  This was a yarn called Kool Kotton and I have it in two colors, grey and mint green.  I started with the grey to have something that went with lots of outfits.  The pattern is Cardigan Rose which is a very low cost pattern from Knitpicks.  She really likes it and the size I picked seems to be perfect.  I found some cute little monkey buttons at the Sewing Rabbit Etsy shop.  Check it out-she has some really cute stuff.

I caught her in action while unpacking a drawer.
why yes I am unpacking this drawer

Sitting in the sun.
hamming it up

Helping unlock the door to put the dogs out. (She really can't unlock it-heck I barely can half the time)
I'll unlock the door

And her favorite activity-watching the dogs wander around the front yard.
watching the dogs

Next I signed up for a cupcake themed swap in my Itty Bitty Knits group on Ravelry. It's a really fun group of people and the assignment was to knit the cupcake pincushion and hat by Susan B. Anderson. I love her stuff so I was totally in. We could then add cupcake themed stuff to the package as desired.
My pincushion was a total hit with Maegwin who promptly ran off with it while I was posing it for a picture.
cupcake pincushion stolen
The cupcake hat took a turn on Maegwin's doll since it was a newborn size. This was also my first crochet cherry and picot edge. The cherry turned out great, the edging not so much. It isn't like the picture because I made a mistake but it took so long I didn't have the heart to redo it. I think it looks ruffly.
finished hat
I also knit a cupcake washcloth as an extra. I think it turned out pretty cute.
cupcake washcloth
I packed everything up along with a cupcake cookbook and sent it out yesterday. It was the Hello Cupcake book which was the prequel to the What's New, Cupcake book that I already had. I also ordered a copy for me. Not only do I find these books inspirational but Maegwin also loves looking at the pictures.
swap package

Until next time, stay cool everyone!
ooh cool kid

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