Saturday, February 19, 2011

More more!

Warning-this post has lots of videos. I've been trying my best to capture Maegwin doing her signing and was able to get at least more. It started out being a video of her playing with Planck but of course she stopped as soon as she saw I was filming.

She really loves the Zany Zoo and I caught her playing with it in this one. It was from Grammy for Christmas and has lots of different things to do. Here she shows me her baby and goes in for a close up. Pardon the chocolate face-she stole a malted milk ball from me.

I also finished some socks! I started knitting these back in July when my friend Gwen came out to do the Knitters' Connection show. As a show of appreciation for her staying with us, she let me pick out some yarn and I selected one of her new bases, a very soft merino silk blend. I wanted to do something intricate with it to really show off the yarn but unfortunately that meant that they took me forever. (I of course was also knitting a certain blanket in there too).

French quarter socks

Pattern: French Quarter Socks by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Mousse by Craftsmeow in the Cherry Burgundy colorway
Needles: size 2 circs
Notes: I found that the toe decreased way faster than I was expecting so if I were to knit these again I would do another full repeat of the chart before working the toe. As it is, I decreased down to 10 stitches on each needle before grafting. The toes are a bit more pointy than I usually like but I didn't want to rip the toes out on both sides. I had grafted with sixteen left on each needle for one but didn't like how it cramped my toes so I ripped and reknit. Love the yarn! It is soft and shiny and a beautiful deep color. I think these will be my new favorite socks.

With my needles freed up I am planning to cast on a pair of lace socks today and probably a knitted monster for Maegwin. She has been looking at the pictures in my new book I got-The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. She points at them and hugs the book so I think that is probably an indication that Mommy needs to get busy.

This weekend will be busy also with seed planting. We're a little late getting started but we also plan to direct sow a lot of things this year like beans, corn, peas, and carrots. Basically we just want to start our tomatos so we get plenty of time to up-pot them and get them nice and sturdy before they go out. Maybe this year we will actually get some produce from our garden besides potatos, onions, and leeks. I think with the scarecrows we will have a fighting chance against the deer.

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  1. Those are beautiful socks! I loved the videos, thanks so much for posting them.