Friday, May 7, 2010

When will it stop raining on weekends?

So sorry I have been remiss in posting a blog, we just get busy doing other things and these things take time. We finally got to start our seeds a few weekends ago. We also planted our onions, leeks, and strawberries. Something has been nibbling on the strawberries already so we need to get a move on getting the critter fencing up. I think we've found a good compromise solution with a meshy sort of fencing for the top and then chicken wire on the bottom and fanning out onto the ground. That is supposed to deter those animals that would dig underneath to get in. So far the damage is minimal and we didn't expect to get berries this year-we more planted those to start establishing the patch. The seeds are doing well under their light. So far we have a few cherry tomatoes, soy beans, brussels sprouts, sugar snap peas, and broccoli. Hopefully more will come up as the week goes on.
As you can see we used a lot of egg cartons we had saved. They work great for keeping in the moisture and they also stack! It is definitely a technique I would recommend and we'll be using it again in the future. I just wish we had thought of it sooner and saved more. We eat a lot of eggs. Our potatoes will definitely be ready to go out by the time we hit our frost free date. They have some pretty long sprouts already. They look like some kind of weird alien life form.

We took Maegwin for her four month check up. She is doing really well and is still measuring off the charts on height at 25.5 inches and I believe is somewhere around the 75th percentile on weight at 14 lbs 3 oz. The doctor said she is growing like a weed! We finally caught a video of her laughing and it cracks me up everytime I watch it.

and more...

In knitting news, I finished a sweater that had been a year in the making. I wore it to work and decided it was really about three inches shorter than I'd really like it to be. I dutifully ripped out the bind off and added three more inches. I decided I should wash it again to even out the stitches and block it. Something happened in the washer which I still don't really have an explanation for. I've washed countless knitted items in there on handwash. I have a front loading washer and I use wool wash. Long story short it felted...all except for those three inches I added on. So now I have an unwearable sweater. I was so upset about it. Once it sits in time out for a while maybe I will cut it up and make a pillow or something. Right now I don't want to see it.
stupid felting
After that incident I had to do something fast to make me feel better about knitting so I cast on for a sun hat for Maegwin. That turned out great and was just the one day project I needed to use up some cotton that had literally been in my stash since I learned to knit.
The yarn is Blue Sky Organic Cotton and the pattern is a free one called On the Sunny Side. (Ravelry linked for those so inclined). Still working on the wedding afghan and it is coming along. I had to take a break to let my thumb heal which is now totally back to normal thanks to a cortisone injection.

I was down with a sinus infection last week and am slowly improving with the help of antibiotics. They really are wonderful things. I'm so used to not being able to take any medicine now that it was almost luxurious to have my symptoms addressed. I'm feeling better just in time for the start of Mommy & Baby yoga on Saturday. I'm really excited. May is a super busy month overall for me. I'm signed up to learn how to spin on May 16th, Mothers' Day is this weekend, stamp camp was last weekend, and somewhere in there we will be filling out the garden more. I'll probably blog tomorrow with pictures of what we do in the garden. In the meantime, I leave you all with this cuteness to ponder.

snoozing with seahorse

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