Sunday, May 30, 2010

Garden fence complete

The garden fence is complete and today we had the dogs in there. They loved it! Yesterday while Josh worked, Maegwin and I hung out on a blanket. We alternated between sunglasses on and off (though I got no photos of her with them on). The sun hat doesn't really fit so I had to roll it back to keep it off her face.
First we rolled off the blanket.
hat falling off
Then spied the bright green, tasty looking grass.
tasting nature
Mmm, don't mind if I do!
so succulent
Into the mouth it goes...
mmm delicious grass
Ooh I'll try that blade next!
ooh I'll try that blade next
we don't need no stinking blanket

Obviously staying on the blanket alone was not an option so we layed together and looked up at the leaves.
chilling under the tree
They were pretty cool.
ooh pretty leaves
Then we snoozed for a bit in the shade.

All in all, it was a great time outside. She took a really long nap today so we got the chicken wire laid out to have on the ground and fold up along the fence. We also twist tied it all to stakes on one side. It got ridiculously hot though and we came in. I have no pictures-I was working too hard. We'll take some when the brutal sun goes away. We bought a bunch of plants to put out. The plan is to line the fence with marigolds and geraniums to repel pests. We also have some foxglove to discourage deer. There is sedum that we will put out probably along the far side of the house to start spreading over the area where the geothermal pit was dug. We also bought shasta daisies to fill in the area under the tree next to the paver patio. Between those, the black-eyed susans, and the cone flowers the area will look great by the end of the summer.

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