Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting through spring

Whew we've been so busy the last two weeks! We finished building the raised beds and put out cardboard on the new beds to start killing the grass and get the worms to move in. Saving all those boxes from buying baby stuff paid off. We also saved all our egg cartons and toilet paper tubes for the last several months. They made great little seed starting containers! I spent last Saturday planting seeds for squash, tomatoes, parsnips, black beans, sugar snap peas, and beets. We set our seed potatoes out to start chitting and they are taking off like crazy. Mom came up with Sarah on Sunday and it was very helpful so we could get some things done outside while Maegwin was visiting with Grammy. Our leeks and onions are now filling up one bed and Josh turned over the perennials bed so we can put in our strawberry and asparagus plants hopefully this weekend. We also put in some more phlox around the pond and a really pretty lungwort plant. I'm amazed at all the perennials we planted last year. They are coming up so wonderfully and fuller than last year. Hopefully we can plant our lettuce, spinach, corn, and cabbage this weekend.

Maegwin is also getting so fun. She is pushing up and creeping.
hello world
She also figured out how to pull her little frog toy and make him sing. She is so funny...she will sit there with her little hand on it and wait for the song to end before pulling it again. We were dancing when she activated it so now she looks at us each time she pulls it as though saying "Dance, monkey! Dance!"

She's really grown into some of the stuff her Grammy knit for her which is great, but at the same time sad. I told her she has to stay small a bit longer. :p She wore this sweater last week and looked so big:
sweater from grammy
She also wears her little flower hat a lot and it is perfect for spring since it is made from cotton so not as hot as the wool ones she has.
sleeping flower
Friday is her four month well baby check-up so she'll get her next set of vaccinations and we'll find out how much longer she is and how much she weighs. I'm excited!

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