Sunday, May 19, 2013

April showers bring May...vegetables?

Getting started on this blog post has been a bit of a challenge.  I just haven't had the time to sit down and write lately.  Things are getting busy at work as we approach the end of the fiscal year and when I'm home I'm either cleaning, gardening, playing with Maegwin or taking just a wee bit of time to knit.  I sort of need the knitting to help relax so sadly the blog suffers.

Since I last blogged, we went to my sister's graduation.  She was going for nursing and like me her college has been a loooong slog.  (I think she has me beat for number of years it took to get her degree-I took seven).  It's the sad fact of having to work full time while getting a degree.  This is the reason that we won't have more kids until we are sure we can provide for each to go to college.  Sorry, everyone, you won't convince us otherwise.  hehehe  But, I digress.  Missy couldn't get enough tickets for her graduation so we went to her pinning ceremony.  My impression is that it is more meaningful for nurses anyway and honestly I don't think Maegwin could have sat through an entire graduation.  As it was, the beginning was going great. We got there and the girls wandered around outside.


 She and Sarah sat together, she played with some empty seats beside me, then as a hush came over the crowd...she started shouting "BOO!"

Now, she meant it as scaring people and trying to get a laugh but geez the crowd reacted in a really awful way.  People were glaring at her and saying "What?  Oh my goodness?  What's wrong with you?" etc.  which only freaked her out more so she kept trying to get people to laugh.  Josh had to take her out sobbing that she couldn't stay at the "party for Aunt Missy".  Everyone kept glaring back all around me like I was the worst parent in the universe.  Seriously-she's three!  Graduations are boring even for adults.  Had I less self control I'd probably want to stand up and scream in pent up rage and boredom myself.    Not to mention it was late in the evening so at this point she would have been winding down for bed.  So for everyone out there, maybe a bit lower expectations of three-year-old comportment mmkay?

I got some pictures of people filing in and I think they were sitting in alpha order.  I'm glad I took a picture when I did because by the time it had filled in you couldn't see my sister at all.  We short women of my family  get eclipsed easily.  Some don't know quite how short I am because at work I'm never without heels.

We got through it though and now Missy just has to take her state test and done.

That same weekend Mom, Missy, and Sarah came out and took Maegwin to see the butterflies again and Josh and I worked all day to get the rest of our garden in.  We planted onions, corn, black & green beans, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, and weeded around what was already out (radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce, spinach, peas).  It was a long day but it all looks good.  We need to get our scarecrows out though because I saw deer in the back of our lawn this morning.  They weren't inside the garden but we need to deter them.  I read that we can also run a string up at chest height along the fence to keep them from jumping in so that's probably on the agenda for this morning once everyone wakes up.

On the knitting front, I'm currently working on a Spring Garden Tee for myself.  I picked up the same yarn I made Maegwin's in last year but a different color.  It was on sale so I also got enough for another in a larger size for her.  Might take a break between them though because the plain stockinette in the body is boring the daylights out of me.
I'm trying to make the sizing match the shirt underneath which is one of my favorites from Gap.  I've had it for at least seven years now and it's beginning to be a bit worn.  For anyone who doesn't know, I keep my clothes for a ridiculously long time.  I have shirts from 2001, shoes from get the idea.  If I can repair it myself or get it repaired in the case of shoes I do.  I see no reason to replace something that is perfectly serviceable.  It's one of the reasons I love knitting.  I can continually darn my own handknit socks.

I also made a cowl for California mom for Mother's Day.
mother's day cowl
I really love how it turned out.  The pattern called for more repeats of the pattern but it already went up past my chin so I figured it was perfect.  The yarn was originally intended as something to match my grey coat but honestly I might have to replace it this winter (see comment above-the lining is shredded and parts of it are wearing thin) and I thought this was a better use for the yarn making a lovely present.  For my mom I got the Botanical Knits book.  We are planning to do a knit along with each other once we get our books.  I'm excited!

I also knit a Dalek washcloth for my friend Mel in Australia.

We are doing a mini skein swap that is continual and goes all over the world.  It is so fun.  Each time we include some little goodies for the next lady in line to enjoy.  We joke that we are keeping the US postal service in business with yarn swap packages.  Here's what I got as goodies in the last one.
I love the wooden buttons and want to use them to put on my Gnarled Oak cardigan whenever I get around to it.  I have a deep wine colored yarn to make mine in.

I think that is all for now.  I leave you with a self portrait of Maegwin:
self portrait
and Survivalist Maegwin:

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  1. Awwww... I can't believe those people at the pinning ceremony! :( Poo on them.

    Emma can't wait to see Maegwin again. :) I'll have to check and see when the PB & Jazz concerts start again too.