Saturday, April 27, 2013

Butterfly kisses

Today is tilling day so I don't have too long to write.  I'm trying to sneak something in while breakfast is cooking and Maegwin is running around.  Last weekend we went to the conservatory and it was wonderful! I've been wanting to go to the butterfly exhibit since I heard about it three years ago but just never took the time.  My parents-at-work group did a playdate there so it was a great opportunity to force myself to do it.  This year they have Brazilian butterflies and going into the exhibit was like descending into the jungle.


It was humid in there with a brook running through it and waterfalls.  We immediately started spotting butterflies!  Here are a few of my favorite shots:




We all loved this camo butterfly.  It was so hard to see.

This one had the most amazing blue wings on the inside but the outside of them were so interesting as well.

We found a koi pond at the base of the exhibit.

Maegwin wanted to go in and swim with the fishes but we persuaded her that wasn't a good idea.

We tried to get all the kids together for a picture, but Maegwin and Carson did not appreciate it.

Next we checked out the orchids area.  They had a whole fairy tale village with a train running through it.

Josh spotted a cocoa pod but it was up too high to really check it out.  This is on 15x zoom.  That tree was tall!

They happened to be having their retired plants sale which is all the plants they take out of their exhibits as they change them out so I bought a miltonia orchid similar to this one.
No idea what color the flowers will be on mine but it is so healthy!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total sucker for orchids so I really enjoyed this biome in the conservatory.  So I don't bore you all with orchid pictures, I will just share a few of my favs.  I took a LOT of pictures.  LOL



Maegwin pointed out these red "spears".  She really wanted one but we managed to keep her from picking almost everything.  More on that in a minute.

Next was the desert biome which of course was Josh's favorite because it was dry.  Just as hot as the orchid exhibit but no humidity.  He doesn't do well with humility, I mean humidity.  The plants were very unique.

The roots on this tree were fascinating.


This succulent had gorgeous flowers.

There was an educational area that explained all about how butterflies see.  It had several pair of eyes to look through and also showed how they saw light.
Trying butterfly eyes

So eventually, Maegwin picked a lantana.  At least it wasn't a big orchid or anything.  She wanted to go back to the butterflies and get one to "land on her skin".  She took off her jacket in order to offer them better perch choices.
purloined lantanas

We spotted a close and relatively serene butterfly so we offered it the purloined posies.

It mulled the offer over.

Then voted for my hand as the most beneficent of the bunch.

We could even see his proboscis so we got a mini science lesson.


Josh was amused by all the butterflies by the windows longing for freedom.  (Keep in mind it was about 32 degrees outside so they would not have lasted long)

I got a bit of video too so you can hear the water rushing and see the flitting around.

Here's my favorite photo of the day.  Just so perfect and serene.  It was a fun day!  If anyone comes to visit us this is definitely on the agenda.

All the walking tired us out.  I even wanted a nap!

See you all next time!

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