Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Follies

Not really, just realized I haven't posted in about a month and I try to at least do that often.  We've been rather busy with both moms having surgery-one a gastrointestinal procedure, the other a back procedure.  Both seem to be getting on well and we are happy.  I drove out to the hospital Mom was at for her GI procedure and hung out for the day.  I was glad as it gave my stepdad a chance to go home and take care of the dogs and I could help with telling the nurse that Mom was in pain and they needed to up her meds and to feed her ice chips.  One wouldn't think ice chips sound that appealing but I can attest after going through labor that they were like bringing water to a man in a desert.  I also remembered having crazy chapped lips so I provided some good 'ole Burt's Bees for her.  Love ya, Mom!  Whilst waiting to hear from the surgeon I chatted with a lovely older woman who was waiting for her husband's procedure.  She was knitting a blanket and I was knitting my Beekeeper Quilt hexipuffs.  I continually find it amazing that I run into knitters wherever I go and that they generally seem to be a lovely lot of people who share a common language and passion.  Knitters unite!  I'm sure if we ever got a president and congress who knitted the U.S. would indeed be a force for good to be reckoned with.  LOL!  Anyway, here's my progress on hexipuffs so far.


Someday I'll have enough to tie together and make a quilt.  They are a nice way to pass the time though.  I also knit Maegwin a cute little fox hood but haven't put the ears on yet.  Here it is before all ends were worked in.


It keeps her very warm!  The designer has such beautiful and whimsical designs for kids and most of them are knit in bulky yarn and go up to adult sizes.  I've finished a few dishcloths-a Hello Kitty one for Maegwin and a flower one for an upcoming mini swap.  I have to say I don't know how people can knit tons of these. After two my hands felt awful.  I just hate the feel of dishcloth cotton!  I love knitted cloths though..they are all I use for washing my face.  I also finished up a quick pair of mittens for Maegwin.  It was so cold and her cotton ones from Target just weren't cutting it.  Why don't we use wool anymore?  Seriously, cotton doesn't do crap in the winter.


A belated thank you to Grandma & Grandpa & Auntie Laura for the lovely cookie bouquet from Valentine's day.  We are all still eating through them and Maegwin was ecstatic!


I'm working on some toe up socks which I've never been successful at (except for my sister).  They are a bit further along than this photo.  We shall see how they progress.


Maegwin continues to grow and be silly and fun.  The other night she made the classic kid move of putting olives on all her fingers.  She was slowly shaking them off into the dogs' mouths at the foot of her high chair.  So crazy.


We have some lovely cabbage seedlings growing which we hope to put out in our cold frame before too much longer.  We also will plant some lettuce and spinach soon outside.  Eggplant and onions are planted but not yet sprouted.  That's about it for us.  Hope all is well with everyone out there!  Oh, I've been listening to Jane Eyre (look, I've not forgotten my schooling) and it's pretty fun.  There's a podcast called Craftlit and I think she also does a version without all the crafty talk called Just the Books so if you're a non-knitter don't let that stop you.  It is fabulous and includes a lot of history around the books as well as terms, interesting links, etc.

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