Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Everyone in my family is asleep and it is only 8:30!  I'd be remiss if I didn't take a bit of time from knitting to blog it up a little bit.  We put the tree away yesterday so our living room seems to have grown a ton.  I love it but we don't have a big room to start with so I'm happy to be done after about a month.  I pulled in my rocking chair and am rocking and knitting on hexipuffs for my Beekeeper's Quilt.  If you've not heard of it, then you're probably not a knitter.  If you have it seems you either think it is the most awesome idea ever or that it is nuts.  I fall into the former category.  Essentially one knits tons of tiny hexagons and then lightly stuffs them and ties them together to form a cushiony pile of blankety goodness to cover oneself.  I'm trying to do at least one a night so I figure at the end of this year I will have enough to tie together and make a queen sized cover.  It's a great use for all my scraps from sock knitting also.  Maegwin loves playing with all the puffs I have so far.  She arranges them, tosses them, etc.

I had my birthday on Monday and it passed fairly uneventfully.  Thank you to everyone for the lovely cards, wishes, gifts, and patterns.  I feel so special!  For breakfast we made this butternut carmelized onion galette. It was delicious!

The recipe actually made two and this was several days of food for us.  It's from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook we got from Josie & Matt for Christmas.  Thanks you guys!  We have been making stuff from it non-stop and it is all so amazing.
Maegwin also picked out how I should decorate my birthday cupcakes-Cookie Monster!  They were really fun and easy to do.  I started with a basic devil's food cake-the recipe I took to the state fair when I was a kid.  You remember that, right Mom?  We cut out some mouths and shoved in tiny chocolate chip cookies for Om Nom Nom'ing.
Then I piped on some blue vanilla buttercream icing.  Note to self-make sure to get the icing warm before piping.  The eyes are Wilton white chocolate candy melts turned upside down and with a chocolate chip stuck on each.  Googley eye placement is essential for the cookie monster look.
We went to Maegwin's friend Emma's house to deliver her brother's sweater I finally finished.  Sadly it was a little short on him.  That's what I get for taking so long to sew it together and put buttons on it.  I'm hoping it will block out.
The first photo is more true to color.
completed baby sweater
After all the holiday knitting I'm working on two pairs of socks for me.  The first of which are these-Dogwoods!
Dogwoods in progress
I also just finished sewing on some suede soles for my Bunny Slippers.  Just need to put on the ears and embroider the faces.  Mine didn't turn out quite so roomy but I like them fitting a little more trim.
That's all the updates for now.  A whole blog post without pictures of the kid?  Nah...
self portraits

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday again!! Aaron loves his sweater and it still fits. :)