Friday, June 22, 2012

All signs point to yes

While recognizing there is still work to be done (changing sheets, making bed, and going through that pile of shorts of Josh's that I put on the rocking chair), I am declaring early victory over the clutter.

I even put some flowers in there. See them? IMG_3785
 I think that's probably what I will get done today because
A: You can't make me neener, neener, neener
B: Our neighbor's house caught fire this morning and we were up at 4 am talking to the police about whether we had seen them over there. (incidentally we are pretty sure they are out of town and they didn't find anyone so all children, adults, and even pets are safe)
C: Last time I saved my PTO for enjoying a long vacation I ended up sick as a dog alternating between my in-laws' and grandpa's couches.

We were so glad that their van wasn't there because the fire was so hot that the firemen had to give up their rescue operation. The entire roof is gone. They used so much retardant in their water mix that it looked like there was six inches of snow. The fire fighters didn't find anyone once they could go in.

Anyway, onward to enjoying my day! IMG_3761

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