Sunday, July 4, 2010

This one's from Maegwin

oh hi
Oh, hello! I'm Maegwin and I wanted to take a few moments to speak to you about the importance of good oral hygiene. Even though I don't have teeth yet, I know it is never too soon to start practicing.
start at the back
It's essential to use a soft bristled brush. Most dentists don't even know why they make any other kind. (I've seen Daddy wash dishes with a toothbrush so maybe that's what they're for.)
getting the proper brushing grip
I use Preserve brand toothbrushes. They're made from recycled number 5 plastic-that's yogurt cups! They're good for your teeth AND the environment.
twist off the cap
Equally important is toothpaste selection. Hold the tube thusly and twist off the cap using your newly developed pincer grasp.
just bite it off
If you haven't mastered this skill, just bite it off.
relax while you brush
After a thorough brushing you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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