Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring hath sprung!

So I've been having a bit of the blahs for the last few weeks. Things aren't going so well at work. I was switched from salary to hourly and while I was told it was for legal protection reasons, it still really upset me. I feel like at this point in my career I shouldn't be getting paid by the hour. Sadly though, there isn't much I can do about it other than try to get a promotion so I had to take some time to get myself into a frame of mind to suck it up. I normally am a bit more resilient than this but I was coming off a pretty horrible weekend the weekend before.

I had some of my old high school friends over two weeks ago and ended up getting into a pretty heated political argument. Apparently one of my friends has become VERY conservative, which I totally wouldn't mind, but she decided to keep bringing things up when I tried to change the subject. She believes that it is ok to torture people to obtain information and that quote "If they would just tell us what they know, we wouldn't have to keep torturing them". I asked what about the people who don't know anything, to which she had no answer. But she was so flippant about taking away another person's basic human rights that I was apalled. The discussion continued to global warming, which she does not think is anthroprogenic in nature. Those who know me know this is my hot button. Anyway, needless to say the whole thing went very downhill from there and finally she left. We will probably not be friends anymore. On one hand that kind of bugs me since we had been since childhood but on the other hand I don't know that I can be friends with someone who believes in things I believe are unconscienable and who when confronted with facts, just digs in deeper. But it took me a bit to reconcile myself to that one too.

Anyway, I am back and today we have absolutely wonderful weather. It is amazing what a little sunshine and non-freezing temperatures will do for one's spirit. Our thermostat read this with the windows open and the attic fan on:

Yeah baby! 73 balmy degrees! It put me in such a spring cleaning mode that I cleaned all the windows and transoms in the house.

After that I started on the new bunch of seeds we got from I really was impressed by their quick service and good prices. They have a large selection of heirloom and organic seeds. I used the same peat pot kits and put in 3 kinds of tomatos, cabbage, green onions, brussels sprouts, beets, arugula, bibb lettuce, celery, and lemon balm. I can't wait until we can start putting things outside. If the weather holds tomorrow, I will start working on conditioning all of the woodwork in the house.

Last week I did manage to finish a pair of socks also. I used the Knitpicks Imagination yarn in the Looking Glass colorway and the Muscari pattern from I bought this yarn when it first came out but this is my first finished object with it. I am totally in love. It was so soft and nice to work with and these socks kept my feet toasty in the last batch of single digit temps. It was 7 degrees on Monday!

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  1. Nina, those socks are very pretty and no I am not hinting. Haahaahaa. You are very good at your knitting, I have been giving serious thought to learning but haven't yet. I would like to learn and maybe this year I will but I am still learning the crocheting now. All of these stitches. So much to learn and to try. What an adventure life is! Love ya, Aunt Lynn