Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy weekend and sick

Well, the spring cold finally got me and I am home sick today. My sinuses are all stuffy, I feel dizzy, and have a tissue almost permanently attached to my nose it seems. On the bright side, we got a ton of yardwork done this weekend. We found some really old bricks out near our shed that we were originally going to use to build a compost bin. Since we want it to last though, we decided we should probably just buy new ones and mortar them. I just have to convince my dad to come up and work some bricklaying magic.

The bricks do make great walking stones though. Josh busily laid out a path this weekend and yesterday around our little pond. I had the unenviable job of mucking out the pond which we both decided was the most disgusting job either of us will have to do all year. The water stunk and was full of rotting leaves, rotting corpses of worms, caterpillars, and other creepy crawlies. We tried to get photos of before and after and hope to add more once we have the plants in. This area will be our future herb and dye plant garden since it is so near the kitchen.



Those two nasty piles on the sides are all the leaves I scraped out and as you can see...well you can actually SEE the hose all the way at the bottom which was a huge improvement. I actually wanted to rip the whole thing out until that morning when I saw the albino squirrel drinking out of the nasty fetid pool. That did me in, I'm a sucker for all things tiny cute and fuzzy. I mean really, could you resist this?


  1. awwww, albino squirrel! feel better.

  2. I can appreciate the absolutely smelly vile mess that was your pond, but aren't you pleased with how everything turned out? What an accomplishment. Besides, you earned disgusting job points, so Josh will have to do the next one! Make sure it's a doosey!

    John found the squirrel feeder. It needs some sanding and sealing, but I'll bring it to you this weekend.

    Hope you feel better soon! Love...mom

  3. This squirrel is WAY cute...looks like he could be Chanel's very good friend :)