Friday, January 23, 2009

Stupid insurance...

We received a letter today kindly letting us know that our homeowners' insurance was being canceled in 30 days. Apparently Esurance had a home inspector come out the day before we closed on our house who only just had his results looked at (a MONTH later). He said the slate roof was old and dilapidated and the porches were bad as well. Their answer to this wasn't to ask us to remediate anything or to even talk to us. They just sent us a letter. My husband called and they refused to let him even talk to the inspector nor could they confirm that he was knowledgeable about slate. We had a structural engineer and slate expert come out to inspect our house before we bought it. He said the slate was in wonderful condition. The previous owners had a roofer out in May to replace any old worn out slates and we had one again to fix a small leak before we would close on the house.

Long story short..Esurance, I call shenanigans! I plan to cancel my car insurance with them and tell everyone I know that they are a horrible company to work with. The best part was that we called Nationwide's local office and not only did the guy know the house we moved into but he also came over 10 minutes after we called, went over everything with us, got us a better deal on home and car insurance, and said he didn't really see any issues other than the porch which we want to update anyway. *sigh* I just don't get it.

Anyway, I've been doing tons of research on green building materials. Both Josh and I are very committed to being responsible citizens of the Earth and we want to do that in our home as well. Apparently, there are rubber shingles made from recycled tires that are made to look like slate. They last for 50 years with some having lifetime warranties, can be nailed in (slate has to be "hung" kind of like a picture frame), and are extremely wind resistant. I can't wait to slap those puppies up on the porch when we get it done. Some good info can be found here:

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