Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of the great things about having acreage

You never know who might show up for breakfast. We were pouring our coffee in the kitchen the other day and looked out to see this.

So cute! I'm sure I won't think so once we have our vegetable garden in but for now I'm enjoying all the various creatures.

I finished my hat today at lunch after a bit of a frogging. I made the Sweetie Pie hat from the Purl Bee I liked the pattern and it only used about 3/4 of a ball of Malabrigo Silky Merino. The only problem was the stated length in the pattern. For the medium size, the pattern says to work until the hat measures 7-7.5 inches from the cast on before starting the decreases. Now, I might have a small head but this resulted in the hat being about a half inch too long. I had to frog back all my decreases and eight normal rows and then restart the decreases. I found that 6.5 inches worked much better for my head. I love it though and it is currently keeping my head quite toasty. Today is my birthday so it was a nice present to myself.

We got our first gas bill for our house today and man, not as bad as I thought but replacing the furnace has definitely jumped up on our priority list. I've conceded kicking it down a few degrees so now it is 58 during the week and 60 at night and 60 during the weekend. Hopefully that will make it doable until we can afford a geothermal system. I'm very excited to get moving on it since it would also give us air conditioning and we can hook up our hot water to it. There is a $3000 tax credit with our name on it and we wants it preciouss we does. *ahem* sorry.

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