Saturday, October 11, 2014

Camping time and the livin' is easy

Whew, ok if blogging with one child was difficult...two makes it well nigh impossible.  I have wanted to, but work has been busy and when I get home I basically nurse Joshua and play a bit with Maegwin and then it's time for bed.  Note the lack of mention of housecleaning?  Yeah, no time for that.  The last few times that Maegwin has dumped out all her toys in the living room though she has put them all back in her baskets so I think we are making real progress.  I'm so proud of her!  On to the fun!

Last month, we went camping again and it was our most successful trip yet.  Our Prius is definitely at full capacity though.  We have the water jug under Maegwin's feet and the area under Joshua's car seat stuffed as well.  I have to have both dogs in the front on the floor at my feet because there is nowhere else to put them.  Hopefully by next spring we can buy the pod to go on top of the car.  Something like that at least.  We basically want to put our chairs and tent into it.  That would free up a lot of space in the trunk for other items.

As soon as we got there, Maegwin found an open dirt area and started giving herself a dirt bath.  "Just like the elephants do, Mommy!"

Needless to say, she spent most of the trip dirty. I did find some waterless soap to use for a sort of bath which was good.


Those shoes behind her also WERE new tennis shoes. Yeah, not so much anymore. lol! They did help with hiking later though. Joshua helped keep the tent bags in order while we set up camp and unpacked the car.



He was so good for it all and had tons of fun just worming around.  I love this shot because it looks like he is posing.  LOL

Ready for my glamour shot, mommy

It was cold in the mornings so we made good use of our knitwear and wooly underthings.  Even the dogs had a fairly good trip.  Last time Planck spent a lot of time coughing but this time his heart murmur didn't seem to bother him.  This red hoodie was from when Maegwin was a baby.  It barely fits Joshua but it worked.  I also knit him a pair of mittens last minute and we used them often.


Maegwin took charge of her own outfits.  She even buttoned her own shirt!



Josh made some great fires and great food.  Yep, my California family, that is how we roll out here in Ohio.  Big open fires with no thought whatsoever for sparks or embers.  We throw caution to the wind!  Some of our wood was so wet that we couldn't get it to take.


I had also just finished my Ishbel shawl which I threw in my bag at the last minute.  I was so glad because as I said, it was chilly!  I also threw in the bunting that Mom knit for Maegwin and it is just the right size for Joshua.  He slept in it both nights and it kept him toasty warm.


The second day we went on a hike and it was very fun.  The dogs had great stamina all the way through.  I hope I get around as well as Planck if I live to be 100.  Seriously, he's about the equivalent of that and he charged up some stone stairs that were the same height as he is tall.

We found some cool fungus that looked a bit like cauliflower.


These cool roots went all across the path.  They were neat to see, but definitely obstacles when walking around with dogs and a baby in the Ergo.


Josh and Maegwin walked out on the rocky bed of the river to explore.  The dogs stayed back with Joshua and I.  I didn't want to trip.




I caught this picture right before Maegwin plunged her foot into a huge puddle.


We found some wild black-eyed susans.


These are some of the kinds of rock formations more prevalent in the gorge, but pets aren't allowed on those trails anymore.


We explored a bit off the path and found a cool tree that we agreed looks like fairies could live there.



We also found this cool caterpillar.  A smaller version of this stowed away in our pillow and found its way out onto our bed.  :O  He was safely put out in our bushes though.


Not sure what happened with the lighting on this photo, but proof that I did indeed hike with everyone.  That's the leashes all twisted around my legs.


As soon as we got home, Maegwin set to her Duplo building.  This was a berry shooter.  Don't know what that means but she was very specific.  One was supposed to shoot strawberries and one was for raspberries.


That's about all I have time for this morning!  We are going camping sometime this month for the last one of the season.

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  1. Joshua is getting so big, and Maegwin's spirit is beautiful. So glad that your first camping trip with the 2 kids went so well. Have fun on your next trip! Love to all, Grandma from California