Friday, June 6, 2014

One month stats

We had Joshua's one month appointment today and he is growing quite well.  He is now 11 pounds and 22.5 inches long.  While we were at the doctor, Maegwin was using a book flipped open as her laptop and charting his stats on a sticky note.  It was so cute!  She had a pretend consultation call with our doctor and pronounced him healthy.  :)

We got a chance to have Maegwin hold Joshua a bit more and I managed to snap some photos.  He hasn't had much patience until now with being held the way she can manage it so this was nice.

I have been listening to the Knitting Butterflies podcast and got some really good photography tips.  I played with the white balance on my camera and was able to take some really great pictures.  This was with the Tungsten setting which I didn't even know was what it needed to be on for indoor lighting.  It made a huge difference!  I think these look almost like they were taken in daylight but they definitely were not.  The next few below were taken at about 3 am when the little guy decided to wake me up and then have the audacity to zonk back out after nursing.  Cheeky monkey!

I am so happy that Maegwin is doing so well with the addition of her little brother.  She declared to me the other day that "being a big sister feels great!"  I was a little worried since my own sister didn't greet my addition as welcome and from reports from my parents attempted to poison me by feeding me rock salt at a tender age (though I think I was a toddler).  Yep, Missy, I'm lookin' at you!  LOL!  The biggest problem we've had so far is that we need to curb her enthusiasm for wanting to cuddle him.  If she comes upon him napping in his little ZCush sleeping bag (if you have a newborn and don't have one...go look now!  They are awesome) she is struck by his cuteness and insists on kissing and hugging him and snuggling near him which sometimes makes him wake up.  I can't blame her for loving him though.  He's pretty darn irresistible.

He had a pretty bad diaper rash, probably brought on by the antibiotics that I had to take.  We got cream for it today while at the doctor and he is so much improved with just a few applications.  He was bright and cheerful which just makes us feel guilty we didn't take him in sooner but why cry over spilled milk.  We are glad he is better and even more fun.

I have been working mostly on my cross stitch this week which I will share some pictures of soon.  I also knit several hexipuffs for my never ending blanket.  I need to pick a pattern soon to knit for my newly expected nephew due in October.  I want to consult my sister-in-law first to see if there is anything she absolutely wouldn't put on him or any colors she loves/hates or any preferred item she would like me to make.  I'm thinking maybe a blanket and sweater?  I also need to knit something new for my little niece but I don't know what size she is now.  My petite, slow growing child has made me not really aware of the size of children her age or younger.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. What great pictures! Those two are so sweet together.