Friday, May 9, 2014

The Storkman Cometh

The big day finally arrived!  On Sunday, May 4th I woke up at about 5 am with some contractions...nothing too out of the ordinary and about 30 minutes apart.  By about 6 am they were 15 minutes apart and getting stronger.  I woke up Josh and he started prepping the house for heading to the hospital, just in case.  We called Mom and put her on the alert at about 7 am.  By 8:30 they were five minutes apart and quite strong so we got in the car with Maegwin and told Mom to just meet us at the hospital because there was no way she was getting here in time.  Maegwin was a little scared that we were going to leave her so I was trying to reassure her between contractions I could barely breathe through.  We managed the hand off and the limp inside (thank goodness for pre-registration!  I feel like even with it there were an inordinate amount of people asking me questions while I was trying to focus on breathing).  We headed up to labor and delivery and were the only patients on the floor.  They checked me and even though my contractions were regular and four minutes apart, I was only dilated 2.5 cm said the nurse so we were sent off to walk.  That was agonizing!  Seriously I played the most horrid game of musical chairs that one could possibly imagine.  It was shamble, sit, contract, repeat.  After about three contraction cycles of that (she had told us an hour...seriously) I said screw this, I'm going back.  We did and I was already dilated enough to admit me.

Once we were back in the room, we told them to numb my hand prior to putting the IV in.  Luckily this time we had a really great set of nurses that agreed to it.  They gave me lidocaine then proceeded to take both of them poking around in my hand three times before calling the anesthesiologist.  He had to lidocaine and stick me twice before finding a vein, but he did in my right wrist.  Not a fun place to have an IV, but hey it worked.  They got me started on saline right away-again lesson learned from last time-and antibiotics since I had a positive strep B test.  I labored for a little bit til the OB on call came in.  He was awesome and good humored by the way and totally our style.  If I ever had another baby I would love to have him deliver it.  He broke my water and then I got my epidural.  Same anesthesiologist came in and seriously, this dude deserves a medal or candy or something.  I told him last time that I had a hot spot in my left leg and he said he was going to try to get me all the way numb.  I leaned over and he got into the space and I felt a shooting pain down my left leg.  Knowing from last time to give feedback I told him and he kept shifting right until I didn't feel it.  Apparently I have a HUGE nerve bundle that he had to get past and he said most likely the last doctor didn't know that and didn't do it.  That epidural was AMAZING!!!  After that, labor was comfortable and we just let things take their natural course as little Joshua moved down.  They gave me some oxygen since his heart rate dropped just a bit briefly but afterwards was fine.  At about 4 pm I started pushing.  I had allergies acting up and kept coughing and apparently that was pushing him out too.  LOL  I shall henceforth not hate the cottonwood so much.  (tell this to me in a month when it looks like it snowed in my yard)  The doctor knew that Maegwin had shoulder dystocia so we tried a different position with this little guy and it worked out well.

At 4:42 pm, baby Joshua entered the world!
Weight: 9 lbs 8.5 oz
Length: 21.5 inches

He beat his sister by 5 ounces!  The baby hats they had wouldn't fit on his head but I was prepared, although this stripey hat barely fit him.  What is better than instant wrapping in hand knits, I ask you?  They put him on my chest after getting his airway cleaned out and all the checks and within 30 minutes I got him to latch and nurse a bit.

We stayed for two days in the hospital.
On the second day, Maegwin came out to meet him.  She was smitten but was so excited that we had to keep reminding her of his delicateness (she wants to tickle and poke him-I love her enthusiasm).

We are all adjusting to the new addition but I think it is going well.  Josh and I are making an effort to spend special time with Maegwin whenever the baby is sleeping.  She really loves her brother and desperately wants to give him a bottle.  I ordered some new nipples for ours and they should be here Sunday.  Yesterday I pumped a few ounces so the freezer stashing has begun.  As with Maegwin, I seem to already be over producing on the milk.

We just love our little guy!  Maegwin said "I love that we are a family now!" which I thought was so cute since we were a family before.

Love to all and to the mothers and grandmothers in my life-your Mothers' Day gifts/cards may be a bit late but no less filled with love.  We're just a bit busy. hehehe

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