Sunday, October 14, 2012

September wrap up

bed head!

As you all can guess, September was a busy month.  Knitting and free time was precious and something had to give.  What gave was the blog.  I truly do want to write but unfortunately Maegwin's sleep schedule is so out of whack right now that I get about 30 minutes in the evening to do anything that isn't geared to the two-year-old set.  Josh kindly stays up with her and tries to soothe her since he's home with her but it's tough.  She does do some playing by herself-definitely more than she used to.  I love surprising her and seeing what she is up to.  She put my cowl on her head here but it makes a great headscarf doesn't it?
what is she doing in there
Most of the time it isn't anything very naughty. (Those are her bunny crayons she is holding-don't ask me to explain what she is doing with the rest of that stuff.)
You can't possibly understand my work
She does love getting into pans and things.  Mom is getting her a play kitchen for Christmas that I think she's going to love.  We still haven't decided whether to set it up in the upstairs or downstairs.  Since we moved her dollhouse upstairs she plays with it almost everyday whereas before she ignored it entirely.  I think she was in toy overload downstairs but we took nearly everything and moved it up to the playroom/craft room.  It might also have been the angle-we put the dollhouse up on our old coffee table so now she can reach into it while she is standing.

She and Josh are doing ok being home together.  There are good days and bad but I think that is how it is with all of us.  LOL!  I do love the fun pictures that I get to see though.
smile for the camera

little cleaning helper

ducky mage

She lets me style her hair now which is fun.  We experiment with all kinds of 'dos.
80s hairdo
She also has finally got comfortable with washing it.  I will not miss feeling like I was torturing her everytime I tried to clean her head.
washing hair

In September as every year we attended the Wool Gathering.  It was really fun to see how excited Maegwin was this year.  She started the day ready to go!

She really loved the sheep.  There were quite a few kinds but my pictures came out kind of blurry.  My sister, Missy, is talking to her in this video.

I didn't buy much.  I actually sold some jewelry I wasn't wearing so the trip was completely not effecting our budget which was great.  I got yarn to make a geodesic cardigan in a really pretty dark cherry color.  It's almost black but you can pick up the reds.  The pictures couldn't do it justice.  I also got some yarn to make some of these bunny slippers.
We met up as usual with my mom's knitting group for breakfast then all went to do our shopping and met back up for lunch.  Maegwin did great while we waited for a table.  There were flyers for some woodworking show happening later there in a little plastic pouch on the wall and she took them out, distributed them to everyone, and then went back around and collected them.  She did this at least ten times and even the people who weren't with us were very amused.  Next year I definitely need to bring the wagon though.  My arms got really tired holding her when she didn't want to walk anymore.

Other than that, we're just chugging along.  I've finally heard back from my second appeal to the insurance company and they now aren't charging me over my maximum so we're happy about that.  Now it won't take as long to pay it off.  I have to say, fighting with insurance is not my favorite past-time and I'm very glad my employer has an advocacy program.  Ridiculous that I had to use them but there you go.

We are now starting to prepare the house for having guests in November.  My in-laws, including my youngest sister-in-law, are coming to visit for Thanksgiving.  I find this the perfect opportunity to motivate us to do some little projects we've been putting off.  Our kitchen sink was leaking/running whenever the cold water wasn't turned off under the sink, our bathroom sink upstairs sprayed and dribbled water from the handles when the water was turned on, and the shower downstairs was dripping.  Josh took them all on yesterday and we bought the parts but got home too late to finish so we currently have only one working source of water (two if you count the utility sink in the basement I guess).  He's hoping to finish them up today and has in the interim learned probably more about plumbing than he ever wanted to know!  We also bought some paint to start priming the shelves in Maegwin's room upstairs.  We're going to paint over the orange in stages-hopefully that will spread out the cost and we can get it done before it's too cold to have windows open.

I've completed a lot of knitting but it is all for a Christmas swap, a going away gift for a friend, and presents for family so I can't share it.  I'm sure the non-knitters are happy, but you will all pay on the flip side of the holiday when I catch up on it! 


  1. She's more and more adorable every time you post! Such a sweetheart.

  2. I love the 80's hairdo - Aunt Josie used to wear her hair that way too!
    Can't wait to see you all! Love, Grandma Mary