Saturday, November 20, 2010

Delicious Discoveries

Oh, hi!  Maegwin here again.  Now that I'm a big girl-I was 18 lbs 10.5 oz and 30" long at my last checkup-I've started having lots of solid foods.  Anytime Mommy & Daddy are eating, I want to try it.  So many tastes to explore!  And boy, they sure have a lot of good things.
I had yogurt after my bath-I like the YoToddler apple with cereal but I also like blueberry or vanilla.

It tastes better if you spike your hair with it.
I also like Mommy's bread, curry, steamed vegetables, Daddy's lasagna, Mommy's 17 bean soup, crushers, and just about anything else I can get my little hands on.
The other day I discovered something very amazing. Mommy was eating a small round object she called a "Joe-Joe" and she gave me a bite. It was so good I wouldn't let go. She tried to take it from me but I held on really hard and gave her lip and cried like the world was ending. Nothing would ever taste that good again! She finally said nothing was worth such a fuss and let me have it. Oh, but it WAS worth the fuss.
It all started innocently enough by nibbling on one side.
Then the outer coating started to melt and it felt squishy so I mashed it in my fingers a bit to explore its texture.
It was really fun! But why should my toes miss out on all that delightful squishiness?
I thought, "Hey, this is kind of like fingerpaint!" So I rubbed it up around my eye to look more dashing-like a pirate.
I enjoyed that Joe-Joe until there was nothing left and then Mommy peeled off my pajamas and we had a bath since we were both covered in chocolate.
Now Mommy & Daddy say that Joe-Joes are secret things they can only eat when I'm asleep. Daddy tried to eat them the other day and he put the package back in backwards with the sealed end facing out. That didn't stop me! I just pulled that plastic right out, got my Joe-Joe, and crawled off to eat it. Silly Daddy, I'm a human not a dog!
I also discovered that Mommy uses yarn to make that stuff she is doing. She was knitting on that blanket for Aunt Josie and Uncle Matt (she says she is almost done) and I thought I would help. I could see she had a ball of yarn on the floor that was all balled up. I took it over by the couch where I had spread out my various tools.
I even spread out a wipe so it wouldn't get dirty.
Then I got to work until Mommy caught me but she laughed so it was ok.
That's all for now! This is Maegwin signing off.


  1. I guess we've got another chocoholic in the family! I love the smiling pictures with the yarn.

  2. This is hysterical. I love her narration, and the pictures are priceless.